Sword of the Morningstar (Rise of the Fallen Book 3) by Lissa Kasey

A epic conclusion of an intricate and action packed series.

From the Sword of the Morningstar blurb:

Radu’s kingdom shatters under the weight of the darkness.

Forced to rule when his brother retreated from the world, Radu set aside all comforts and joy to take care of his people and try to fix the continued Fracturing of worlds. Not even leading armies into other worlds, and commanding a dying race of incubi vampires, could have prepared him for Yuri kneeling at his feet, begging for help, control, and love.

But a monster from the past, festering in the thriving shadows of a thousand worlds, has taken Yuri hostage. Cut off from Radu, Theo, Lucian, and Star, Yuri descends into a whirlwind of destruction, leaving the darkness within him to expand and demolish all the remaining worlds.

Radu has to find a way to remind Yuri of his lovers, and regain control, or the darkness will devour everything. As the world crumbles around Theo and Lucian, they fight their way to Radu’s side, seeking to free Yuri, and reunite him with Star, even if it means the end of all creation.

Includes Afterword Short: Dance with Me

Angel's review:

I was captivated by this series from the very first book, and I've been eager to read each new addition to the overall story. This book is such an epic conclusion to a wonderful story line! I enjoyed going on the action packed and deadly journey with all of these characters, I loved learning more about each character and getting to know more of their backstories.

I will put it out there that I found the start of this book to be quite confusing at first, it seemed like things skipped around too much. It was difficult to differentiate between what was the present, and what was the past, what was reality, and what was just a dream. Despite that though, once I kept reading things started to make more sense.

I loved that the murder fluffies came back, the fact that Barney stuck by Lucian and Theo's side was so cool, I loved his character, he was cute in his own fluffy way. The growth that each of these characters had was huge! They each grew so much individually but also together.

The action scenes were depicted very well, in addition to the great world building as well! The way that Lissa concluded Theo, Lucian, Radu, Star, and Yuri's story was done so masterfully. I absolutely enjoyed reading each part of this series and I'm so glad that these characters finally found a way to be happy together.

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