Protected by the Bear Shifter by L. Rose

Book 1 of L Rose Protected series follows Deacon in finding his fated mate amongst the chaos of cleaning a broken city. Protected by the Bear Shifter his a high heat insta lust fated mates story.

From the blurb:


From the outside, people see me as a businessman who lives with his two brothers and likes to keep to himself.

However, the inside is something else. I share my soul with a beast of a bear, and all he knows and wants is to torture and kill.

Until we scent him.

Our Fated mate.


My life has never been my own. My ruthless father and mess of a mother control it. All I want is to spend my days without looking over my shoulder and without the fear of getting so close to someone that my crime-boss father will use them against me.

At twenty-two, I’m tired, unloved, and live a dull, empty existence.

Until he walks into my world—all intense eyes and broody growls that don’t sound human.

Now, there’s no going back. Not when my soul recognizes his. All that’s left to decide is how far am I willing to go to escape my toxic family so I can start anew with the man who makes me feel more in a matter of moments than I have in my whole life.

Warnings: Murder, violence, crime, hate slurs, sexual content, blood.

Molly Otto's review:

Just wow and overall fun and engaging read that pulls you in from the very first chapter and screaming for the next book.

What a great take on fated mates where they will do anything and everything for their fated. Deacon is pocessive and growly, yet for his mate, a teddy bear. Rio has dealt with enough that once thrown into this wild world, he's finally fully accepted and loved.

Now, for Nox, something tells me out that the tiger is gonna be a handful. Good luck to his mate is all I really can say.

Protected by the Bear Shifter is currently available as an e-book and paperback