Hot Shots: A Dragon Tale (Book 1) by Tara Bennett

Assigned as a dragon mentor, Aaron doesn't expect to fall for River. Two accomplished men finally find the balance to their professional lives by falling in love.

From the Hot Shots blurb:

River wanted this—in fact, he’d paid for it. Getting a dragon companion was a privilege. Having left the family business and made a name for himself as a sports agent, he was in the position to afford that privilege.

Charlie, the little dragon he loved on sight, was going to complete his life. Charlie would be a true and constant friend, assuaging that little bit of loneliness even his Italian family couldn’t.

The Dragonkin club assigned Aaron as River’s mentor, teaching him the requirements for a successful dragon companionship bond. So what if Aaron was incredibly handsome and accomplished? Still reeling from a failed relationship, Aaron was clearly not looking to meet someone, which was fine; River didn’t want a relationship, either. The little dragon would be enough companionship for his busy life.

But when River isn’t a quick study, Aaron must engage in advanced tutelage, and every day the three spend together makes it harder to imagine removing any piece from the puzzling found family they’ve unwittingly created.

SNik's review:

First in series (Dragon Tale). Instalove. Mature characters. Dual POV. This is a world where dragons are pets, but that is the only paranormal aspect to the story. 

Hot shot sport agent River is granted a dragon and is assigned a new mentor to help him train Charlie and adjust to life with a dragon. Aaron is a successful business man and long time family dragon owner, and when he meets River their connection is instantaneous. Both Aaron and River are likable, are accomplished in their professional lives, have supportive families, and are generous and thoughtful. They quickly realize that they have found their special person, and they spend time learning about each other as well as plenty of steamy interactions. This was a sweet story, a very long read that details Aaron and Rivers first few weeks together, with a swoony HEA where they end up sharing their dreams and expanding their family of people and dragons.

Hot Shots is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription