His Primal Kiss: An MM Monster Romance by Kota Quinn

Welcome to Monster Match! The dating app for monsters and humans alike! In His Primal Kiss an orc and human find their fated mates in this low angst read. I am completely enamored by Kota's characters, and I absolutely loved Maddox and Dani!

From the blurb:

Everyone fears orcs and their savage urges.

Maddox: My time with the Goblin Market has ended. I need to find my mate. So, when I hear about a small town where both humans and monsters live together, I’m determined to go.

A seer once told me that my mate is human, but no one mentioned that his fiery passion would call to me on a primal level.

Dani: Being the creator and face of the world’s only monster dating app means that there’s a target on my back. But what happens when my stalker is supernatural? Solution: hire the biggest, baddest, sexiest monster to protect me.

So what if I feel like I can finally be my true self in front of Maddox? So what if I want him to chase me, pin me down, and have his wicked way? As long as the gorgeous orc protects my body, he can have my heart as well.

His Primal Kiss is a sweet and steamy MM monster romance featuring a possessive orc and a flirtatious human seeking protection. It’s part of the Monster Match series and contains its own Happily Ever After. Each book is a standalone, but why don’t you have fun with all our monstrous beasties?

Expect size difference, a cinnamon roll Orc, fated mates, and some fun primal play.

Molly Otto's review:

Welcome to Monster Match! The dating app for monsters and humans alike! What a great way to have an interspecies world of bringing them together, showing change make time but if your open to it beautiful things can come your way.

Another great read from Kota Quinn! Love the way this world has developed and how Madddox ink has healing properties when inked into the skin of magical and non magical creatures. Dani created the Monsters Match app yet has been afraid to try it for himself after a bad breakup. Always have been a fan of fated mates when they have to work for it and prove their love prior to completing their mating bond. What a sweet, low angst beautiful read.

This world has so many different interesting monsters and can not wait to read more from this combined universe.

Angel's review:

I first got introduced to Kota's writing last year when she wrote a book that's a part of my favorite series of all time! That series being The Black Cat Circus, which got referenced to in this book, along with Seven making an appearance, which I loved!! I really appreciated that we got to know Maddox's story and what brought him to travel with the Goblin Market. I also absolutely loved all the references to the Circus series, it made me so happy seeing it mentioned!

As far as the writing goes, I thought this was written fabulously!! The pacing was excellent and had such a slow burn, that I wasn't expecting but worked really well for these characters. Dani's character is fantastic, he's so open and comfortable with other beings that other humans disgrace, but not him. He works with different species quite often so his relationship with Maddox was so sweet because he didn't even bat an eye about Maddox being an Orc. I loved his acceptance of different creatures, his joyfulness just radiated throughout the story.

Nox's character is such a delight! I can't wait to read his story, his personality is just so bubbly and bright, and he's so curious about the world, he's so cute!

I want to also talk about the ghost's character, how things ended with him I thought was so sweet! I hope he gets his happy ending after being a ghost for so long.

Overall a fantastic story, and I can't wait to read more by this author!

His Primal Kiss is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription