Harlan's Fated (Creekside Township Rivals Book 5) by JT Fader

Harlan’s Fated: An Urban Fantasy M/M Wolf Shifter MPreg Romance is a sweet age gap story that explores gender identity through Omegaverse

From the blurb:

The anguish of finding your fated mate and discovering he wants nothing to do with you.

Harlan, at the age of nineteen, is enjoying his reckless youth. Most weekends find him crawling home after being out with his friends partying and drinking. Now that his brother, Reese, is no longer living in the same house with him, Harlan is having to navigate his life as an Alpha male on his own in the East Creekside pack.

Years of working with his brother in their plumbing business came to an end when Reese lost his hand. He's had to run everything by himself.

Logan has been traveling for the past month, heading for what he hopes is a new life. His insistence about being an Alpha despite his Omega scent was never accepted by his pack. They finally chased him out after he had no success giving his Omega mate a pup. He's heard that the West Creekside pack is looking for a motorcycle mechanic.

This time around, at the age of forty, Logan decides he isn't going to push the fact he's an Alpha. Being part of a pack is more important.

Neither expected to find their fated mates in each other. Will they be able to overcome the multiple obstacles and embrace their destiny?

Lilly's review:

With Harlan’s older brother settling down and mating and his injuries making it impossible for him to work in the family business at only 19, he has to take responsibility and step up.

Logan was born an omega but does not identify as one. That caused issues in his old pack until he was forced to leave. Now at 40, he has set out to find a new place to call home. When he arrives at East Creekside, he encounters Harlan, the young Alpha who is his destined mate.

I’ve been enjoying this series, and it’s a delight to be back in this world. While I enjoy what I call the standard/typical omegaverse, I liked how this one was a bit different from the norm as the author explored gender identity and non traditional pairings.

We have an Omega who is an Alpha on the inside and a sweet and persistent young Alpha who is ready to accept him as he is. We get different relationship dynamics and surrogacy in the story as well since Logan, at 40, is past his childbearing age. However, we do get a surprise heat and child!

I liked seeing the omega pair and getting a peak into their relationship as well. I hope they will get their own story.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for more!

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