Crushed Ice (Hockey Ever After Book 4) by Ashlyn Kane and Morgan James


A young and talented hockey player meets an attractive, mature player and things heat up. Russ may be traded soon, but he can't deny Liam's enthusiasm or flirting, and they are amazing partners on and off the ice. Can something that starts out as short term turn into forever with everything life throws at them?

From the Crushed Ice blurb:

When Liam Belanger gets a professional tryout with the Miami Caimans, he’s hoping to land a roster spot that’ll keep him from bussing tables. If he can make the team and score a tryout in bed with Russ Lyons, the veteran defenseman who’s appointed himself Liam’s mentor, that would be the icing on the sweet hockey cake.

Living life by a strict set of rules has worked out well for Russ. He has a great career, great friends, and a great family, even if they do keep setting him up with hometown honey traps. But he can’t stop time, and now, despite all his planning, he’s looking at his last year with the Caimans before the uncertainty of free agency. Maybe that’s why he finds sunny, free-spirited Liam so attractive.

He’s still not going to sleep with his rookie.


Liam starts the season in the minors, but it’s not long before he gets a shot at the Big Show. His year is shaping up to be a dream come true—even before Russ picks up on Liam’s passes and proves defensemen can score too.

SNik's Review:

Fourth in series (Hockey Ever After), but can be read as a standalone. POC representation. Age gap. Opposites attract. Dual POV. Russ always takes a rookie under his wing each season, but his attraction to the young and flirty new defenseman may become a problem. Once Liam gets his chance at the NHL, Russ gives him a chance in his bed, and there is no doubt that they are fire together on and off the ice. While Russ is everything mature and responsible, Liam is irrepressible excitement and fun, and it works for them in so many ways. Both Liam and Russ realize there is a time limit on their relationship, but turning from casual to serious is no hardship, and they share honest conversations and very steamy times together even if there are no guarantees. Iam and Russ were incredibly likable and so good together, and the supportive secondary characters really helped with their stumbles, but it was all about how really happy Liam and Russ made each other that made this such a sweet read.

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