Chasing the Light: Granite Glacier Book 1 by Mal Trevino

"But little by little, you brought it back to woke me up."

From the Chasing the Light blurb:

Aiden Marsh is nobody. After his long-ill mother dies, he's left by himself with the end of their apartment lease, and the loneliness of the city. When the internet friend he's been crushing invites him on a trip to photograph the northern lights, how is he supposed to say no? There's just the tiny little fact that he's been lying about his life for the last year. But everyone lies on the internet, right?

Russell Merritt had it all. Had. Past tense. A meteoric rise to photographer fame: a storied freelance career and his own show on World Wild. What else could he want? Then it all came crashing down, and that's exactly the question he has to answer. What else could he want?

Now, Russell and Aiden are taking on the wilds of Granite-Glacier--Russell's old, forsaken hometown--on a photo excursion that lets them both forget the mess of their lives. But even their growing attraction can only keep reality at bay for so long. They're going to have to drag all their secrets out into the light.

Chasing the Light is a sweet, all-vibes MM romance set in a small town. For fans of secret identities, forced proximity, the wild outdoors, and internet-friends-to-lovers.

Miki J's review:

Beautiful !! Just beautiful !! While the story is over a short time frame, you don't notice it ....there's so much depth and emotion to this book. Both MC's are at an emotional upheaval impasse in their lives and what was just a throwaway comment to view the northern lights, which then turned into an adventure.... Dang, this story will hit you in the feels. Both MC's are struggling and they try to hide it...but slowly, ever so slowly, it all comes out. They fit together seamlessly.....both are passionate and it does come through their works. The author describes the scenery as if the reader is taking the picture - there's plenty of photographic metaphors, which is fun - but it does make you look at things in a different perspective. Loved it !

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