Arranged Salvation: Arranging Love Book 3 by Jacey Davis

Bastion needs protection, and Arden feels like he's just the man to protect the omega, even if pretending to be fated mates feels real sometimes. But the current political climate is endangering them and their family, and their commitment to each other cannot waver.

From the Arranged Salvation blurb:

Bastion would do what it takes to protect his child, even if it meant pretending he had a fated mate.

Bastion: Making that call was terrifying, but necessary. I'd do anything to protect the baby growing inside me, even if it meant escaping my abusive husband's home and facing dangerous consequences. Now, I must pretend I have a fated mate—Arden, an alpha unlike any I've known. While I dare not hope for more, I'm grateful for his kindness.

Arden: My protective instincts for Bastion are fierce. Despite our unconventional bond, I'll stop at nothing to keep him safe. But as tensions rise in our political climate, our love faces its toughest challenges yet.

Arranged Salvation is book three in the Arranging Love series. Each book is an interconnected standalone with new MCs and at least an HFN for the couple. It is strongly recommended that you read the previous books, as there is an overarching storyline that continues throughout the series. However, it would be possible to read this one without those. Arranged Salvation is a slow-burn, plot-heavy MPreg omegaverse featuring a traumatized omega trying to protect his baby, an overprotective alpha with a soft side, a fake fated mating, and a lot of people doing anything they can to undermine them.

It is an alternate reality omegaverse with adult themes and explicit content. It is not meant for those under 18. This book contains on page MPreg. This is a world where omegas have very few rights and are essentially owned by their alpha guardian or mate. There is also a biological kink element where alphas are biologically inclined towards dominance while omegas are inclined towards submission.

Content warning: societal repression of a group of people, on-page violence, detailed mentions of abuse, undiagnosed PTSD, panic attacks, on-page MPreg, and off-page SA, and ongoing abuse (not by MCs) that is described. There is also a consensual Daddy kink dynamic between the MCs and very light age regression. Please see the book for a more detailed warning.

SNik's review:

Third in series (Arranging love), best if read in order due to world build and overarching plotline. Alpha/omega. Daddy/boy. Fake relationship. Hurt/comfort. Very slow burn. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Bastion just needs to protect his unborn child, even if that means running from his abusive Alpha and breaking the law. Arden was instantly drawn to Bastion months ago, even envisioning that they might be fated mates, and pretending in order to save Bastion is no hardship. Both Arden and Bastion have had some horrendous pasts, and they slowly build a relationship based on trust, caring, and honest communication. 

There is a lot of angst going on outside of their relationship which was difficult to read as this series progresses in the fight for omega rights, but luckily there was nothing that came between Arden and Bastion. All of their interactions were sweet and loving, with a touch of Alpha possessiveness, and an omega having their own personal strengths encouraged. Still really enjoying this series.

Jacquie's Review:

Arranged Salvation is both the heaviest and lightest of the Arranging Love series.

Heaviest in the sense of the overarching plot, which makes this a series read and not a standalone, really ramps up. There is so much danger for not only the omegas but the entire Strongfire family and their associates.

Lightest in that there is very little drama or angst in the main relationship, which I loved! Bastion is healing, has a lot of trauma, and outside forces are working against them, so his relationship with Arden is his port in a storm.

Due to his past, there isn't a lot of steam and the daddy elements don't take up much of the story.

I love this series for its strong storyline and the intense world the author has made, that being said, I'm glad for the reprieve from District 8 so we can get Zephyr's story and see more of District 9.

Arranged Salvation is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription