A Naiad's Revenge (Pirates and Water Nymphs Book 5) by Gigi Rivers


A Naiad's Revenge is the last and final book in the swashbuckling Pirates and Water Nymphs series.  This is Book 5.

From the blurb:

The fifth and final book in Pirates and Water Nymphs is finally here!

A water nymph locked in darkness. A human who brings him light.  

Sion is an ocean nymph who has never seen the ocean. He has spent his whole life in a cage, kept prisoner by the Order so they can steal his energy. Then one day, a human arrives. But unlike other humans, Tomas doesn’t treat Sion like some beast. He talks to Sion and tells him of the sea. He becomes Sion’s first friend. And as they spend time together, Sion begins to feel something more than just friendship for Tomas.

Tomas despises the Order, the sect that his parents belong to. He plans to leave before he is initiated on his twentieth birthday. But before that day arrives, he discovers a water nymph in a cage. Horrified, Tomas helps and cares for the naiad. As he does, Tomas connects with Sion. He develops feelings for him. Tomas will not abandon Sion to a life locked in a cage.

He plans to break Sion free. But with the Order working against them, will they find a way to be together? Or will they be forever torn apart?

Angel's Review: 

I've been reading this series ever since the very first book, and as sad as I am for it to come to an end, this ending was an excellent way to end this series!

Sion and Thomas's story is heartbreaking, and I felt so sad for the both of them. This book starts off with telling us about how Sion and Tomas met, and how their story started... Then certain events happened, (really sad events) and these two get separated. Only to find one another again, when neither were expecting to, nor were they prepared.

This book was nice! I loved that we got an indepth history of Tomas and Sion's past, and I absolutely loved the detailed descriptions of Sion's magic!! I found those scenes to be my absolute favorite, they were just written and described very well! The characters themselves I thought were written nicely too, they had their own individuality. This story primarily focuses on Sion and Thomas, there are background characters but they are mainly used to help move the action scenes along. I did think that the side characters added a family feel aboard the ship which I found to be a nice contrast to all the fighting that was occuring.

The action scenes were described in great detail, and I really enjoyed reading those scenes. I also very much enjoyed they way this series concluded!

A Naiad's Revenge is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription