Guiding Purpose (Guardian & Conduit Book 2) by Alexa Piper

Sci-fi series, Guardian & Conduit has a second outing with Guiding Purpose. This starts right where the last book left off, so reading it first is a must.

From the blurb:

On their way back to the safety of the city walls, Orrey and Senlas grow to rely on one another—and on their team. But there is still danger out to get them and to destroy bonds so recently forged.

While trust within the group deepens, other secrets come to light, and Orrey, Senlas, and the team slowly realize that they just might be the best people to keep citizens safe.

Content Warning: Violence, mention of domestic abuse.

Jacquie's Review:

Plenty of action in this installment of the series. Orrey and his new team are outside of the walls, where book 1 finished, and looking for safety. Part of the team is injured and they don't know who to trust.

The outsiders and the Hounds are the main storyline for maybe the first half of the book, and I feel like we will return to them.

What's interesting is that there is a story within a story. Each chapter has AI conversations and snippets from historic guardians, specifically the one that founded Argetea. That sub plot was fascinating and also sad.

Low steam, high on world-building and a meaty plot. I'm really looking forward to more with how the team is growing and changing.

Guiding Purpose is available to buy as an ebook wide. Also available in paperback format.