Mark's Chosen: An Urban Fantasy M/M Wolf Shifter MPreg Romance (Creekside Township Rivals Book 4) by JT Fader

The series' first three books focus on the shifters of Creekside, but in the fourth we see Mark, the Alpha leader of the neighbouring town Riverton find his happy ever after.

From the Mark's Chosen blurb:

Two towns divided by more than just distance. Two packs with different ways of life. But when their paths cross, will it lead to unity or destruction?

Mark, the level-headed leader of the pack in Riverton, the cousin of Creekside, has been in charge for over 25 years. His pack is his family, and he takes his role as a legacy leader seriously. During a trip into Riverton for supplies, Mark comes to the rescue of a young Omega male named Reese who is struggling to simply get home to Creekside after a shopping trip.

Reese has been through a lot, dealing with recent losses that have left him feeling alone and hopeless. He knows he shouldn't have been out in his old car with snow in the forecast. But he has a reason for wanting organic berries and farm eggs he can only find in Riverton. When Mark offers him a ride home, he never expected it to change his life forever.

As they journey to Creekside together, Mark makes a startling discovery about Reese. How he chooses to proceed will affect both of their lives. Will they find a way to overcome their differences and find love, or will their conflicting pack traditions tear them apart?

Lilly's Review:

I really enjoyed Mark’s Chosen! I liked how, while Mark and Reese recognized and acknowledged their connection, they took their time. Mark is such a sweet and understanding Alpha, ready to put his omega’s needs before him. He was constantly checking in with Reese and his emotional well-being. He lost his fated mate and feels useless due to his missing arm - even if he feels a pull towards Mark, his grief and loss are still raw. He was patient and always there to support Reese in those moments. He was 100% devoted to his omega and loved that he was ready to give up his title as Alpha Leader to be with him.

I also loved how chestfeeding/lactation was central to the story! Having an omegaverse/mpreg story that does this is very rare. Pregnancy and childbirth usually are towards the end of the story or in the epilogue, and if we’re lucky, we may get a brief breastfeeding scene or two. So thank you JT Fader!

I’ve been enjoying the world that the author has crafted, but this novella gets extra love from me, and I can’t wait for the next book!

Mark’s Chosen is available as a kindle e-book and can be read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.