#ThrowbackThursday: Drive to Thrive (Formula Q book 1) by CD Rachels

It's the one year anniversary of Driver To Thrive this week and we're celebrating with an excerpt!

From the blurb:

Formula Q is the fastest motorsport in the world. Only the highest-performing athletes can make it to the grid. They drive fast, work hard, and play hard, but off-camera, anything goes.

The public knows me as Damon ‘the Speed Demon’ Davidoff, eligible bachelor and winner of FQ titles around the world. Fans adore me and my team supports me. They don’t need to know I’m so deep in the closet I intend to bury myself there.

Then my poor health catches up to me and my world comes crashing down. I could bounce back easily if it weren’t for one little complication: my male nurse is attractive as hell.

I can suppress these feelings during the season break—I have to. I’m not going to expose my secret just because I feel a fire coursing through my veins when Rocky puts his hands on me. 

As the weeks go by, I somehow let Rocky under my skin and into my heart. He’s smart, sweet, and everything I never knew I needed.

I thought I wanted a clean bill of health and to keep winning my races. Now, for the first time in my life, I want so much more. I want him, and damn if that isn’t the scariest thing I’ve ever felt. 

Driver To Thrive is a male/male motorsports romance novel. It involves Christmas karaoke, New Year’s Eve parties, Las Vegas swimming pool dates, and yes, lots of racing action worldwide. It is book one of a series, has a HEA, and can be read as a standalone


Three days later, I’m in my Las Vegas penthouse, trying to distract myself with mindless television. Today’s the big day when the nurse, last name Acala, will be knocking on my front door. I’m wearing gray sweatpants and a plan white t-shirt, because I was told to be comfortable, considering it’s a three-hour treatment. I refuse to dwell on fears of the IV not helping or making my condition worse; this has to work. I’m going to bear with the treatments, get better, and get back to the track. I’ll be able to drive again, and I won’t have any more fainting spells on international television. 

The doorbell rings, and my pulse jumps. I shut off the TV and shake my head. “Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine,” I chant to myself as I go to let the nurse in. “Everything will be—shit.”

Opening the door, I’m met with the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. He’s Asian with copper-toned skin, and his blue scrubs hug him in all the right places. He’s got short, buzzed hair, kind eyes, and a boy-ish face, but he’s definitely all man.

“Hi. Mr. Davidoff?”

I nod, unable to speak. 

“Hi, I’m Rocky. I’m here for your treatment. I work with Dr. Kim.” He smiles, and his eyes curl up in the most perfect way. 

Shit. My nurse is a man…A beautiful, handsome man? I have to spend hours a day with him?

Everything…is not fine.

Driver To Thrive is available in paperback and e-book format and acn be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.