#Spotlight Saturday: Badly Built by T. H. Compton


For your reading pleasure, we have Badly Built by T. H. Compton. This book is book four of the Built for You series.

From the Blurb:

Size only matters when it comes to the heart.


I’m not what I appear. I’ve built my life around illusion and making others happy. It’s ingrained in me that I have to perform better each and every day, but I’m tired. I found someone that’s worth risking rejection. I just hope it’s not a recipe for disaster. 


With more than one skeleton in my closet I just want to keep cooking and stay out of trouble. Then Jaylen gets pushed into my life and all caution leaves my mind. He makes me want more. I've never been good at love, but he seems tough enough I won't break him. 

Badly Built is a contemporary opposites attract sweet heat MM Romance with an ex-convict cooking his way into the heart of a muscled gym rat with the sweetness of a gummy bear. This book has men who built high walls for protection, but will have to shatter them for a chance at happiness. Sometimes bad feels too good to let go and good things can come with small packages.

Join the employees and patrons of Built Bar as they find love for themselves and each other in the Built for You series.


I made it past a few rows of people before I was trapped in the mob of dancers. There was a hand at the small of my back that skimmed across to scoop around my hip. I was moments away from elbowing the faceless stranger before I heard a barely familiar voice next to my ear. “It’s this way. Come on.” Looking behind me, I saw Jaylen, and he turned me to the direction he indicated. He pushed me behind him enough so that he could plow a path for us to get off the dance floor. Jaylen was built like a brick wall and big enough to tower over the crowd. His presence was intimidating enough for people to get out of his way when he wanted to get by. We made it to the bathroom, and Jaylen followed me inside. The sound of the music still blasted, but it was muffled enough by the closed door that I could hear him. “Sorry, but you looked like you needed help.” I would have never asked for it, but the help was welcome. 

“You probably saved me twenty minutes of shoving through all that. Thanks,” I responded, trying not to feel the weird tension of us talking on a maybe date in a nightclub bathroom. 

“Anytime.” His words mirrored mine from our first meeting. It was sweet if not spoiled by the unsanitary setting. I felt his hand barely touching my hip. His eyes were on mine, looking for a sign that it was alright to stay. I’m not sure what my answer would have been if my bladder hadn’t made the choice for me. Breaking eye contact, I looked towards the stall. 

“I gotta…” Hopefully the rest was implied. 

“Yes, sorry,” he grunted as he turned towards the sink. I retreated into the first stall, relieved in more than one way. As much as I didn’t want to disrupt my simple life, Jaylen was a complication I was willing to welcome. With only a handful of words exchanged, he’d already burrowed in my mind and made me begin to second guess playing it safe. It was reckless. We knew nothing about each other, but I could tell I’d be willing to do stupid shit for him. I wanted to be angry that he tried to baby me through the club. I should have asserted that I could take care of myself, but he was so unexpected and soft with his attention. I didn’t get the impression that he’d want to belittle me or even dominate me. In his act of kindness he looked to me for my queues and made it clear he’d back off before I could react. My mind was jumping to conclusions, and I had to slow it down. Jaylen was hot and could be a good guy, but that doesn’t mean he’d be good for a guy like me or that I’d ever be good for him.

Badly Built is available as part of your KU subscription and paperback.