Something Unforgettable by Rory Maxwell (Split Rock Ranch book 4)

Opposites attract and sparks fly when Finn, the sweet and mostly innocent small town boy meets Xavier, the mostly confident Daddy who jets around the country.. in Something Unforgettable

From the blurb:

Finn likes working at his grandfather’s feed and general store. It’s familiar. Comfortable. People aren’t as intimidating when he’s behind the counter. Outside of work . . . well, “shy” would be putting it nicely. He’s a mess, and at this rate he’s going to be a single mess forever. Who’d want a guy who can barely get a word out? Definitely not the handsome older man who’s started showing an interest. No, Xavier is out of Finn’s league.

Xavier DeCain came to Split Rock to help out a friend—fixing problems is what he does, though usually there’s more Hollywood glamor involved. He didn’t plan to keep coming back to the sleepy town. And he definitely wasn’t planning on Finn, whose pretty blushes are irresistible. But Xavier has specific tastes—not to mention an intense desire to be in charge. He isn’t sure innocent young Finn will be able to handle it.

Their mutual attraction is too strong to ignore, but for a relationship to work, they’ll both need to fight their demons. Finn will have to trust Xavier to be careful with his wounded heart, and Xavier will have to reexamine the things he finds most important.

Something Unforgettable is a 75k MM romance novel. It includes a sweet boy who’s afraid to step out of his shell, a caretaking man who’s been burned before, plenty of heat, an age gap, hurt/comfort, first times, and found family. It’s the fourth book in the Split Rock Ranch series but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone. Please see inside for CW.

Heather's Review:

Finn is adorable and oh so loveable!  I love that Xavier has to work for this relationship and that there's a lot for them to overcome to have a relationship.  It makes a book with instant attraction a little bit more suspenseful as they work through things.  I also love how involved and helpful the found family/friends group is in helping Finn and Xavier to meet the challenges they have.

I truly enjoyed getting to know both men better and I have to say that I'm truly looking forward to Ev's book!

Rating: 5 Stars

Zakiyya's review:

This book is perfect if you don't want a deep set Daddy-kink read. I enjoyed it because it was light on the Daddy/boy trope.

I enjoyed the attraction between Xavier and Finn. The story also had tropes that I enjoy and found was done very well; size difference & age-gap, even though the age gap isn't all that big.

Overall a light and enjoyable read that flowed easily.

Something Unforgettable is currently available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.