Rise of the Ruthless by Davidson King

Another mob family is at war with each other, which side will prevail in Rise of the Ruthless?

From the blurb:

Ren Ikeda’s world is falling apart. War has broken out in the streets of Lucifer’s Landing, and his entire empire is being dismantled one explosion at a time. Unsure of his men’s allegiance, but desperately needing protection, he snatches up an opportunity when it lands in his lap. Hiring Mykel Finlay, his complete opposite in every way, has the markings of being disastrous. Realizing Mykel may be the only person he can trust, he clings to the man despite the danger to his heart.

Mykel Finlay doesn’t like bad guys. As ex-police and military, he prides himself on walking the line of good, not evil. When his brother gets in a bind with Ren Ikeda, the Japanese mob boss, he must put aside his moral compass and dive into the murky waters of the mafia. The only thing Mykel isn’t prepared for is falling in love and willingly drowning for Ren, a man he should hate.

With the help of some very unlikely allies, Ren and Mykel try staying alive long enough to take down their enemies and grab a happily ever after neither man thought they wanted. Will their salvation end up leading them down a path of destruction, or will they actually prevail?

Rise of the Ruthless is book two in my Lucifer’s Landing series and is not a standalone. It is highly recommended you read book one: War of the Wicked first.

Angel's review:

When I read War Of The Wicked (the first book in this series), I was really hoping Ren would get his own story, and he did!! I was so excited that he got his own book, I was so curious about his character after the first book and I'm glad that we could learn more about him and the way he handles his business/family.

Ren in comparison to the way Dante handles things is very different, in a good way! I like how different the way they handle things are, and how... Ren exudes one 'face' but still has feelings and insecurities under his Stony persona. His relationship with Mykel was.. interesting, they both wanted to be the one in charge but eventually he deferred to Mykel. I loved Zeus, his character brought so much cuteness to the story and he was so fierce and protective I loved that he was such a strong component of this story. The bond him and Mykel have with each other is so sweet! The action scenes were done really well, each character that came about in this story had their own part to play in not only moving the story along, but by also adding more intrigued, drama, betrayal, and pure chaos.

I said this about the first book, and I'll say it about this one as well, the romance between the two characters isn't the main focus of this story. While there are steamy scenes, there isn't that much as far as those tender moments of the MC's building a relationship or much for romance... Which I think really works for this type of story, I liked how this was written and quite enjoyed it. I'm so excited to see what happens next and who's story we'll get to know next! I'm hoping it'll be Giovanni's!

Rise of the Ruthless is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription