Ren's Song by G. Koi

A forbidden love that's just as censored in front of and behind the scenes of a Chinese TV drama. Ren and Song can't help but fall for each other, but have to be willing to risk everything in order to be together in Ren's Song.

From the blurb:

Would you risk everything for the perfect man?

Ren has landed a role that could launch his career straight into the heavens.

He just never expected to fall for his stunning, talented costar.
Song is everything he’s wanted, but never let himself dream about.

The longer they are filming this Chinese “bromance,” the closer they are becoming.

Ren can’t hold out much longer. He needs to possess Song, to claim him. To a make Song his forever.

But will the cost be too high?

Ren's Song is a sweet, sexy, low angst, slow burn MM romance that will sweep you away to a new world.

SNik's review:

First in series (Love in Action). POC representation. Coworkers/close proximity. Slow burn. Dual POV.

Ren and Song are cast as the leads in an anticipated big hit BL (Boys Love) historical drama, even though everything regarding male romance in China is extremely censored and any kind of real life hints of homosexuality for actors is forbidden. However, Ren and Song find their attraction blossoming beyond their characters, and the deep feelings they begin to feel cannot be denied.

This book was a sweet romance, with plenty of nods to Asian BL stories, with two likable characters that are so thoroughly committed, willing to risk everything even if they have to live apart in public. Fans of BL shows will immediately see similarities to popular shows and appreciate this fictional look behind the scenes of a possible romance between two lead actors. I especially appreciated the super supportive secondary characters. Every moment spent with Ren and Song, all their doubts, support, caring, protectiveness, really lent strength to their loving relationship and rooting for their HEA.

Ren's Song is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.