#NSWWednesday: Starlight by Evie McGlynn


There is a new NSFW scene from Starlight?  Check out what is in store from Book 2 of Down The Shore by Evie McGlynn.



I joined Doctors Without Borders to help save lives and almost lost my own. The only reason I’m alive is because of Marco D’Angelo. My journey to full recovery isn’t smooth, but I’m determined to get stronger and continue to help others in need. When an opportunity arises to help Marco and his team, I grab it with both hands. I’d like to grab Marco with both hands, but he’s put up a wall between us that seems insurmountable. I’m not sure if I’ll break through his wall or break my own heart.

Marco I left the Navy SEALs to start my life with the man I loved. But he was taken from me in the most brutal way imaginable. Now it’s strictly hookups for me. I am not going through that pain ever again. Liam is a complication I can’t afford. He smart and sassy. He challenges me at every turn and manages to make me smile when no else has been able to. And even though I push him away, I can’t seem to walk away.


Liam unbuttoned my jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper, his eyes dancing with
delight when he realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Commando, huh?” He reached
into my pants and drew out my aching cock. “Hello, gorgeous,” he said, and I realized he
was talking to my dick.

I threw my head back and laughed. “You’re something else.”

He looked up at me and winked. “Who said sex has to be all serious business?”
Before I could answer, he licked a stripe up the underside of my cock before wrapping his
tongue around the head.

I groaned, tangling my fingers in his messy hair and tugging gently. “Open up.” He
opened his mouth and enveloped my cock in his wet heat. I rocked my hips forward slowly
at first, making sure he was okay. He reached out and put his hands on the backs of my
thighs, urging me closer. I took that as permission to move faster and go deeper.

Liam swallowed me down, and I nearly came when I felt his throat tighten around
my cock. “Holy shit, you’re good at this.” I tightened my grip on his hair and pistoned my
hips, making his eyes water. I pulled out to give him a chance to catch his breath before
sliding back in. When he hummed around my shaft, I almost lost it. I decided enough was
enough. I wanted inside his sweet little ass.

I pulled out of his mouth and hoisted him to his feet. “Strip, turn around, and put
your hands on the wall.”

Liam smirked up at me. “You going to do a cavity search, Officer?”

I pulled him close and palmed his ass, running my thumb down his jeans-covered
crease. I growled in his ear, “With my dick. Now, get undressed.”

While he was doing that, I went to my nightstand and got supplies. I took a minute to
remove my boots, socks, and jeans. By the time I was done, Liam was completely naked and
standing with his legs spread and his hands on the wall. “Jesus,” I muttered under my
breath. Liam was gorgeous. His body was sleek and lightly muscled. His pale skin was
pristine except for the scar left behind from his surgery and a caduceus tattoo on his left
shoulder blade. I wanted to devour him.

I picked up the condom and lube and stalked over to him. I dropped the condom at
his feet and said, “I’m going to get you ready for me. Are you still okay with that?”

He turned his head to look over his shoulder. “Yes. All the yeses.” He popped his
eyebrows. “And wall sex?”

I lightly smacked his ass. “And wall sex, brat.” Liam snickered and turned his head
back to face the wall.

I opened the lube and poured a generous amount on my fingers. He shivered a little
when I circled his rim with the cool liquid. He moaned when I breached his hole with my
finger all the way to the first knuckle. He thrust his ass back, trying to take more. “Easy,” I
said. “We’ll get there.”

“More,” he breathed. “Please, Marco.”

I added more lube and then pushed two fingers into him, spreading them to open
him up for me. I wasn’t small, and I didn’t want to hurt him. I added a third finger, and he
cried out, pushing back against me hard. I needed to get inside him before I exploded. I
pulled my fingers out of his body. “Are you ready for me?

“Yes,” he gasped. “Want you so bad.”

I straightened and pulled him close. “You ready to ride this cock?”

Liam nodded and turned in my arms. “I’m ready.”

I stepped back to suit up and slick more lube over the condom and then walked
forward until his back was against the wall. He put his arms around my neck, and I lifted his
thighs so he could wrap them around my waist. I held my cock against his entrance, and he
slowly slid down.

Liam squeezed his eyes shut and groaned. “Oh God, that’s good. You’re so big.”

I thrust into him until he was fully seated on my dick. Grabbing a handful of his hair,

I kissed him hard and deep. “Ride me,” I growled.

Liam put his hands on my shoulders and undulated his hips. Holy shit. Who knew he
could move like that? I held his hips and let him grind until it got to be too much and I had
to pin him against the wall and drive into him, hard and fast. He was so good, so tight. I was
going to blow any second.

I shifted slightly, and Liam’s eyes rolled back in his head. “Close,” he gasped.

“Jack yourself,” I ground out.

He slipped one hand between us and circled his cock, pumping in time with my
thrusts. I’d had enough of the wall. I turned us around and walked over to my bed. He let go
of me and lay back on the edge of the mattress. I draped his legs over my shoulders,
grabbed his hips, and rocked into him, ramping up my pace, making sure to peg his
prostate with each thrust.

Liam’s body stiffened as he let out a strangled cry. The muscles in his ass clamped
down on my cock so hard that I saw stars as ropes of cum shot over his abdomen and chest.

I fucked him through his orgasm before mine crashed over me with the force of a tidal


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