Matehub: Legend by Marie Reynard

Richard has worked hard to become the top knotting star of the supernatural porn industry, even though it requires a bond to knot, temporary bonds are a thing. But his latest contract with a human named Hunter is making his wolf howl, and Richard is worried this time he might be the one catching feelings.

From the Matehub: Legend blurb:

The contract was simple: three months, seven scenes, zero feelings. Following it was not.

Richard Knotz is a legend in the world of supernatural adult entertainment, and he knows it. While most paranormal adult actors shy away from the temporary bonds needed to perform knotting scenes, he's made them his brand. Bonding a human could never threaten to tear his empire to the ground, no matter how tempting that human smells.

Hunter Savage thinks Richard Knotz is a smug son of a wolf, but when he's offered a contract to work with him, the payout is too lucrative to say no. Three months bonded to Richard could make his entire career. He just doesn't expect to find a soft side under Richard's prickly exterior, or for the apartment they're forced to share to start feeling like home.

The bonding contract is easy and painless as long as they remember one cardinal rule: don't get attached. Their employer has no use for unprofessional fools who let feelings jeopardize profits. But in between filming scorching scenes with ridiculous scenarios, they discover they're more compatible than either could have imagined.

As their limited time together winds down, they face a choice—risk their careers for the unexpected connection they've found, or lose their bond forever.

MateHub: Legend is a high heat, arranged bonding, forced proximity, dislike-to-love paranormal romance featuring an arrogant wolf shifter who thinks a little too highly of various parts of his anatomy, the feisty human who finally takes him down a few notches, nosy fans, meddling friends, knotting, and a contract that is destined to fail.

This stand-alone novel is set in the Elemental Bonds universe and guarantees a HEA for its main couple. It does not contain mpreg or cheating. Please look inside for content warnings.

SNik's review:

First in series (Matehub, set in the author’s Elemental Bonds universe). Paranormal. Forced proximity/arranged bond. Dual POV. 

Richard is the king of temporary bonds, anything to get paid to knot, and he never catches feelings, so he’s at the top of the industry for a reason. When Hunter agrees to a contract with Richard he doesn’t really understand bonding, but it’s only temporary and he’s not going to pass on the high pay and fun on-screen railing he’s going to get. However, this time Richard’s wolf has found something compatible in Hunter and as he opens himself to providing and becoming a little possessive over Hunter, Richard finds that he’s the one that’s catching feelings for the first time. 

Hunter is just the right amount of confident, fun, strong personality to balance Richard’s initial smug cockiness, and Hunter does discover Richard’s soft side. High steam throughout, this story does balance that with the growing friendship and companionship Hunter and Richard feel. The adult entertainment bubble in this world build has great secondary characters that I am hoping the author will continue so some of them get their own HEA’s. Loved every minute of this book.

Matehub: Legend is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription