Dedicated to You by Andrew Grey

 A vacation sounds like exactly what both Tio and Dillon need in Dedicated to You.

From the blurb:

Dillon Fitzgerald is a famous singer. He’s also exhausted. Too many shows in a too busy schedule have left too little time for him to write or relax. He feels like the music is being strangled out of him. Some time is just what the doctor ordered, so when his friend offers him a week on a cruise, Dillon gets right on board. All he has to do is grow a little beard and hope no one recognizes him.

Financial advisor Tio Smythe-Barrett has been friends with Dillon forever. When the latest in a long string of girlfriends turns out to be a cheater, Tio offers her spot on what would have been a romantic vacation to Dillon instead. After all, why wouldn’t he want to spend a week with his best friend?

As Tio and Dillon share close quarters, the boundaries in their friendship shift like the ocean currents. Spending time with Tio has Dillon’s creative muse singing, and he can no longer deny that his feelings for Tio go beyond friendship. His heart soars when Tio responds to his flirting—but is he willing to risk what they have for the chance at true love?

Heather's Review:

I felt like I was reading a modern queer storyline from the 80's TV Show, The Love Boat... the incognito singer, the BFF he'd been crushing on, the strangely stalkerish ex-girlfriend, the lovely older couple who seem to adopt the guys ... the only thing missing was getting to meet Captain Stubing ... and well Gopher's antics and Isaac's wisdom...  and it was so much fun!

This was a slow burn, slow build romance that exploded with heat and self discovery, mixed with a couple of extra intrigues and some amazingly descriptive shore excursions, Dedicated to You.was a wonderful way to escape the blah winter weather here in Toronto and watch two guys find their HEA while cruising!

Dedicated to available in paperback and e-book formats.