Chai Love You a Latte by FA Ray (Boyfriend Cafe book 3)


We head back to the Boyfriend Cafe with FA Ray for a best friends to lovers with bisexual awakening in Chai Love You A Latte.

From the Blurb:

Loving him is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Being just a friend? Not so much

I’ve loved my best friend Trent since the day we met. The only problem? He’s straight, and I’m definitely not. Our differences have never come between us, but sometimes the line is so blurry I don’t know where “friend” stops and something more begins.

And Trent is really not helping matters.

We’re so close people mistake us for brothers or lovers. He’s my favorite pillow to sleep on, my favorite shoulder to cry on, my favorite arms to fall into. Is friendship really all this is or dare I try for more with the man I’ve always loved?


When Mom left, it broke something inside me. I’ve been a loner ever since, terrified to hold on to anyone. There are only two people in my life I dare to trust: My dad and Gabe.

Maybe I’m a little clingy with Gabe, a little too affectionate, but he’s half of my world. If he ever left the way Mom did, I don’t think I could take it.

When things between us start blurring the line between “friend” and something more, it terrifies me. I’ve only been with women. What if I mess this up? What if I’m so bad at it that Gabe hates me? What if I’m not good enough and he leaves?

If being with him will push him away, maybe I’m better off stuffing these feelings away.

Chai Love You A Latte is a childhood friends to lovers MM romance with a bisexual awakening, first time experiences, spicy open door scenes and co-dependent best friends who turn into so much more. You can find CWs at

Heather's Review:

This book is a sweet angsty childhood friends to lovers story with a dash of oblivious, a sprinkle of miscommunication and a dollop of steam.  It was lovely to see these two finally get together after the pining and mixed signals we saw in the first two books.

I enjoyed the slow build, the steamy heat and the way the couple handled their miscommunications and challenges.  It was a quick, fun and easy read with a truly beautiful HEA.

Chai Love You A Latte is best read as part of the Boyfriend Cafe series.  It can be read standalone if you need to, but the dynamics of the Boyfriend Cafe are laid out better in books 1 & 2.  

Chai Love You A Latte is available in paperback and e-book formats and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription