Audio: Never Say Goodbye by Felice Stevens; Narrated by Kale Williams

Never Say Goodbye is a heartwarming, emotional, well-told and feel-good romantic story

From the blurb:

Who knew getting snowed in at the airport could be so much fun?

The nomadic lifestyle of a wildlife photographer is perfect for Ren Stewart—he travels the world with no obligations, no place to call home. With time between assignments, he’s ready to leave the cold New York winter for sunny California. But twenty inches of snow on a layover means his flight’s canceled and he’s stranded. It’s going to be a long, lonely night at the airport waiting for the snow to melt.

Lucky for Ren, he meets a gorgeous man and they hit it off. Too bad they’ll have to go their separate ways.
Or will they?

Something in Schaeffer’s eyes suggests he might be up for sharing the last available hotel room…and the bed.

Airline pilot Schaeffer Morgan is used to being alone. It’s hard to have a relationship when you’re only home for a few days at a time. He’s learned to live with stolen moments of pleasure as well as bigoted remarks from coworkers who don’t know he’s gay.

When a family vacation brings him face-to-face with the man he spent two lust-filled days with in a hotel room—the man he thought he’d never see again—everything changes.

Their days and nights together lead to the possibility of something Ren only dreamed of as a foster child—a family and a place to call home—while Schaeffer begins to open up about his painful past. As their time together comes to a close, they want to keep the magic of what’s building between them. But with Ren away for months on assignment and Schaeffer’s busy schedule, is that wishful thinking?
One thing is for certain: neither of them wants to say goodbye.

Lesetiger's review:

This is a heartwarming, emotional, well-told and feel-good romantic story that I highly recommend!

It's about sad events in the past, but Schaeffer and Ren are two strong men who don't let them get them down and look to the future. Ren photographs wildlife for a living and is passionate about it. Schaeffer is a pilot. The two meet by chance and the chemistry between them was palpable from the start and it was wonderful to watch Ren find a loving family. A big plus for me was the age of the protagonist as I like stories where the characters are a bit older. The two were deeply characterized by the author and I took them both into my heart and really hoped that they would get a happy ending. The two of them are pretty cute together. Sigh.

But there are a few things to work out. Will they manage to find enough time together with their work commitments to make a relationship work?

I loved the story and was captivated from start to finish. I was even a little sad when it ended because I would have loved to have heard more about Schaeffer and Ren and to have had Kale Williams' voice in my ear for longer.

He is an absolutely terrific narrator who made a great book even better with his performance. It is always a pleasure to listen to Kale's voice with all the emotions of the protagonists.

Never Say Goodbye is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription