The Night Before by Harper Robson

If you need a delightful M/M romance with a holiday HEA and a decades old hockey feud, you'll want to pick up The Night Before.

From the blurb:


The second I discover my one-night stand's father is the player who ended my stepdad's NHL career, I know I need to stay far away. As soon as I figure it out, I run, ghosting him while sleeps. I'm desperate to erase our incredible night together from history, or at least from my memory. Apparently, the Universe has other ideas though, and now he holds the fate of my career in his hands. Suddenly, forgetting about the most intense connection of my life is no longer an option.


The pressure of having to constantly prove myself because people think I'm coasting on my dad's influence never stops. An occasional night of no-strings-attached fun in the arms of a hot stranger helps me forget about it- for a moment. But when my latest hookup slips away without even a goodbye, all I'm left with his first name: Ben. But the universe has a sense of humor, throwing us in front of each other again. This time, we have to work together on a project critical to both our careers. A project my dad, a retired NHL legend, will do almost anything to stop, including trying to turn Ben against me.

The Night Before is a steamy M/M romance featuring a brilliant, selfless doctor trying to make the world of pro hockey safer, and an ambitious young NHL team executive, desperate to prove he's more than just the son of a famous hockey player.

Heather's Review:

The Night Before gives us a glimpse into the heated world of hockey safety and traumatic brain injury and the impacts of long term tensions...

Beginning with a One Night Stand, a quick exit and then finding out they not only ran in the same circles, they'd be working together, this steamy and sweet story gives us their story, along with a long held family feud that throws more than one potential monkey wrench into their relationship.

Despite the stresses, it gives us that wonderful holiday HEA and leaves you feeling that things could go right in the world.

Rating; 5 Stars