Steal the Wind, The Godstone Saga, Book 1 By: Jocelynn Drake Narrated by: Kale Williams

"Why did I leave this so long?" Jacquie is working her way through that TBR and listened to Steal the Wind, the first nook in The Godstone Saga.

From the blurb:

Everything Caelan knows about his world is a lie.

A war is brewing. As the crown prince of Erya, it’s only natural that Caelan is sent on a secret
diplomatic mission to support one of the kingdom’s allies. With his advisor, his bodyguard, and his best friend as traveling companions, what could go wrong?


Everything goes wrong. 

Now they are on the run, dodging assassins, setting secret meetings, and even making deals with a sleeping god. 

So this is probably a really bad time to cave to feelings he’s been fighting for his best friend. But Drayce has owned his heart for more years than he can count, and if he’s going to die, shouldn’t he have just one kiss? 

The fate of the world is on the line, and only Caelan holds the power to save them all.

Steal the Wind is the first book in the six-book Godstone Saga fantasy series and is not a stand-alone. The story contains explosions, secrets, cranky gods, hidden romance, a prince on the run, a possessive ex-boyfriend, magic, and lots of delicious angst.

Jacquie's Review:

Why did I wait so long to get to this book? I mean, I'm grateful that the entire series is out (and in audio format) so I don't have to wait after this minor cliffhanger ending, but it was such a good book, I'm left wondering why I put it off.

I like Jocelynn Drake's way of writing, especially the solo books, and this is an immersive fantasy with magic, a nebulous enemy, and not 1, but 2 couples to root for.

Romance wise, it's a slow burn with one of the couples having some sexy times and the other just maybe getting to the point of admitting their feelings.

I do not trust Shey. Other authors have me suspicious of side characters (side eye for AN. IYKYK).

I'm hooked on this series already - the opener had it all - the world-building, adventure, action, some steam, and that something that hooked me.

The audio is fantastic. Each of the 4 main POVs were easily distinguishable and the narrator had a pleasant voice to listen to.

Rating: 5 Stars

Steal the Wind is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.