Oliver by EM Denning (Walking Disaster book 2)

Despite grand plans for a trilogy, EM Denning's characters threw a spanner in the works when they went off script and hooked up before she could pair them with other people, meaning that this second book, Oliver, is the completion of a duology instead...

From the blurb:

Oliver Spalding is back in town and the only souvenir he has from his time overseas is a broken heart. Being home should be revitalizing, but his best friend is dating his dad and Oliver feels like a third wheel.

Feeling unmoored, and out of place, Oliver seeks comfort in the arms of a handsome stranger. Oliver likes his new hookup, but with one recently broken heart under his belt, he doesn’t want to get attached. Oliver’s plans to ghost his new hookup go awry when he finds out who he really is.

Jordan Cooper is a force to be reckoned with when he wants something, and he wants Oliver. When Leo opens a door of opportunity, Jordan takes it and ropes Oliver into his plans to do something special for Leo and Benji. But Oliver is struggling more than anyone knows and if he’s going to pull out of it, he’ll need to let his family support him.

Between a relationship that almost never happened, a wedding that does not go off without a hitch, Oliver learns that the best things in life are worth working for and sometimes we all need a little lift from our friends.

Heather's Review:

As much as I would have loved a chance to revisit this world for a third time, the balance and rightness of pairing a Best Friend's Father book with a Father's Best Friend book was just so delicious!

The combination of the best friend dynamics with the father/son dynamic and Oliver's need to heal from his past relationship hurt that mirrored Jordan's less recent past hurt was delicious... and I truly appreciated getting to see the couple from the first book, Benji and Leo, get married!

I will say this book's relationship started backwards - hook ups to dating, but for this couple it worked (and it meant that we didn't have to wait long at all for some amazing steamy scenes...).  

While this book could be read standalone, I think it's much better read after Benji.  If the author ever wants to give us a chance to revisit these characters, there's always a chance we'd want to read about the helicopter and resort owning friend of Jordan's...

Rating: 5 Stars

Oliver is currently available in e-book format and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.  If you haven't read Benji, please check out our review here.