No Elfing Way, Christmas Falls by Hayden Hall

What a very Elfing cute Christmas story!! No Elfing Way is part of the Christmas Falls multi-author series of standalones.

From the blurb:

I'm your cookie-cutter villain...

Or that's the role Christmas Falls has given me.

I'm here to help my grandfather fulfill the crazy amount of orders his toy shop is getting. The company
I work for would love to take it off his hands. And I want to see Grandpa Nicholas enjoy a few years without having to work all day long.

When I arrive in Christmas Falls, not only is Gramps adamant about keeping the toy shop, but he has already hired an assistant enabler who can't stand the sight of me. Ezra, the real world Santa's Elf, an unbearable bubble of Christmas tradition, a walking, talking cinnamon roll, is as delusional as Grandpa Nick himself.

Suddenly, I'm the villain of this Christmas story. Ezra challenges every smart decision I make and thinks I'm here to steal Christmas from the town's kids.

Convincing Grandpa to sell the shop and fighting Ezra at every turn is more than one guy can do alone. But maybe I don't have to. A temporary truce with Ezra quickly turns into a passionate and disastrous wildfire that will melt this winter's snowfall if we don't resist the temptation.

We come from different worlds: I have a life waiting for me in New York and Ezra lives and breathes small town charms. We are destined to fall apart, but that's not stopping me from dreaming up ways to keep Ezra with me for another minute. Or hour. Or night.

Christmas Falls is a multi-author M/M romance series set in a small town that thrives on enough holiday charm to rival any Hallmark movie.

Angel's Review:

Oh, how I love the magic of Christmas Falls! I'm fairly new to Hayden's work, but when I read the blurb for No Elfing Way, I knew I needed to try to get an arc copy, and I'm so grateful I was able to! In a different Christmas Falls book there's a character who the townsfolk call 'Grinch', well I think James's nickname could be Scrooge. 

James's character is stuck trying to climb the corporate ladder, he decides that trying to get his grandfather to sell his shop will be great for the both of them. James gets a promotion and his grandfather can retire with plenty of money, easy peasy, right? Wrong! Upon James's arrival back in Christmas Falls, with help from his grandfather, and the peppy and cheerful elf that helps with his grandfather's store, he discovers what he really wants. He discovers what will truly make him happy, and it's not a job sitting behind a desk. 

I loved all of these characters! Although, I wasn't the biggest fan of James's character for a majority of the book, but he did redeem himself towards the end of the story. His character grew, developed, and learned what's truly important. Ezra's character was such a perfect contrast to James's character; where James's character was grumpy and disliked Christmas, and Ezra loved the holiday and was full of optimism and cheer. Ezra's character is by far my favorite. He cares deeply for Grandpa Nicholas and has his best intentions at heart. Throughout the course of this story, he discovers that James isn't as cold and brash as he first thought, and learns that James does care, even if he has an odd way of showing it. Eventually, he comes around. 

I love where this book takes place in, Nicholas's workshop was described so immaculately, and had so many details, that I could envision the workshop in my mind. It filled me with so much Christmas cheer, and I adored how the toys that were sold there were made mostly by hand, and how they were customizable so they were unique to each child/person. This book was written very, very, well. Full of incredible characters, tons of feel good Christmas scenes, love, family, and just a bit of spice. 

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Christmas Falls) in a shared small town setting, but each can be read as a standalone story. Close proximity. Opposites/adversaries attract. Ticking clock. Dual POV. 

James has returned to Christmas Falls in order to convince his grandfather to retire and sell his toy shop. The deal will certainly make him a partner at his firm, the goal set firmly in his mind for years. 

Ezra has finally found a place to belong, helping run a toy shop and having a roof over his head, but James’s visit may upset his safe little world and break James’s grandfather’s heart. James does not expect Ezra to make him feel guilty about the shop, while also making him experience some unexpected feelings towards Ezra himself and contemplating all his previous ambitions in life. 

I enjoyed how cheerfully Ezra embraced life and that James really only wanted the best for his grandfather. Ezra and James had plenty of chemistry and steamy times, as well as finding that they complemented each other and appreciated their differences enough to fall in love.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

This is the cutest story.
James was raised by his grandfather, Nicholas, in Christmas Falls after losing his mom and dad. The town and holiday held mostly bad memories for James, so he couldn’t wait to pursue a career in the big city. 

James went to work at Donovan Sinclair’s Toy Emporium, hopefully on his way to become a partner. James had hoped he was making a great deal for his grandfather to sell his store to Sinclair, so he went to Christmas Falls to convince him of the benefits of selling. 

Then he met Ezra. Ezra had an unhappy childhood and left home, going town to town until he happened across a help wanted sign in Nicholas’s store. 

His new job and life made him completely happy until James showed up and tried to talk his grandfather into selling the store. 

There is so much fun and innocence in this story. A great holiday story.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Scroogy James doesn't meet three ghosts... but he does have Ezra to guide him to remember the good in Christmas Falls and the magic that his grandfather delivers in his bespoke toy store!  I love that he's confronted right in Christmas Falls to make a decision about his way forward... 

Ezra is such a sunny guy, despite an unhappy childhood and such a positive force in this story!  I love the way the two men get together and compliment each other....

This was a fun twist on a holiday story and a great addition to the Christmas Falls universe!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

No Elfing Way is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.