Miracle by RJ Scott (Single Dads book 7)

A beautiful best friend to lovers story with a baby on the doorstep... in Miracle

From the blurb:

An abandoned baby, a poignant note from his long-lost twin, and unexpectedly, Jax’s world is turned upside down.

Despite being adopted by a loving family when he was a child, Jax feels part of his life is missing, and driven by dreams of his brother being in danger, Jax is consumed by his search for his biological twin. Shocked to find a surprise delivery on his doorstep, Jax discovers that not only is he an uncle, but apparently, he’s a legal guardian to baby Charlie. He calls on the unwavering support of his friends and family to solve the mystery surrounding the new arrival, but also finds help from an unexpected source — Arlo, the enigmatic bear of a man who works for him.

Arlo is no stranger to caring. When his parents passed, he dropped out of college to care for his siblings, working construction to pay the bills. With his brothers grown and having left home, it’s Arlo’s turn to live, but when the next stage of his life means owning up to his love for Jax, he can’t find the words to be honest about how he feels. The problem for Arlo is that he’s been in unrequited love with his boss for three years and can’t bear to not be part of his life. Is it too much to wish for a miracle to make Jax fall for him too?

Heather's Review:

RJ Scott's final Single Dads book is a best friends to lovers story with an adorable baby found on Jax's doorstep belonging to his long lost twin, who appears to be on the run.  Arlo steps in and helps Jax find his footing and they both struggle with feelings that they think the other man doesn't return.

We also get potential fake dating, family reunification, found family and more in this heartwarming story which gives us a satisfying HEA for Jax and Arlo, but leaves huge questions about what the heck is going on with Jax's twin, whose story won't come out until sometime in 2024...

Miracle lives up to it's name and is the perfect book to curl up with over the holidays or even on a cold winter's night in January or February... or heck, anytime!  While this book is part of a larger series, it can easily be read standalone.

Rating: 5 Stars

Miracle is currently available in wide release paperback and e-book.