Lucas' Omega (Creekside Township Rivals Book 1) by JT Fader

I enjoyed Lucas' Omega and look forward to the series. I loved Adam’s character and how strong he is even though omegas usually aren’t portrayed as such.  

From the blurb:

A small town offers more than an opportunity to start again.

Adam is running from a bad breakup, severing bonds with the pack of his birth. He heads to the small town of Creekside to set down new roots. He wants to pick up some odd electrical jobs to support
himself, and he wants to be left alone.

There are two wolf packs in the area, but Adam has no intention of joining either one. That is until he catches the scent of his fated mate lingering on a new friend. He struggles against the need he feels for him. He wants to run to him but doesn't want a mate. Especially this one.

Lucas is reeling from the loss of his chosen mate and unborn pup. He's the leader of his pack and he needs to make sure his family's electrical business continues to thrive. An Omega interloper threatens to disrupt the customer relationships they've been nurturing for three generations.

As the Alpha leader, Lucas knows he needs to chase the Omega wolf out of town. The business will suffer if he stays in Creekside. Only one problem. He wants him. He fights the urge to go after him and claim him even though his inner wolf is screaming, "Fated mate!"

Will two rivals be able to put their differences aside and submit to their fate?

Shawn Collick's Review:

I liked how strong Adam was, whether in human form or wolf form. He stayed true to himself thru the entire story. Lucas was a bit of a jerk to begin with, but quickly redeemed himself once he met Adam face to face and stopped fighting their connection. 

The love and passion between them was fantastic! And the steaminess of their relationship added to the story. 

I look forward to more in this series..  

Wlf_forest's review:

I really enjoyed this easy to read story. Looking forward to the next book in the series. I felt the pain and emotion of Adam being casted aside by someone they have chosen and whom they thought had chosen them to only be betrayed by said person. The strength it takes one to forge ahead, to leave behind all you know towards your unexpected Fated mate. Set in an omegaverse but has our daily hurdles to jump. I felt that JT has managed to allow the characters to grow within the book and to fall in love even though they were Fated. I feel that Lucas have treated Adam with respect which he didn’t get from his previous mate and that is the true basis of this story.

Lilly's review:

I really enjoyed Lucas’s omega. It was a short and sweet omegaverse story. It was on the insta love side, but with fated mates that is to be expected. I love how we got heat sex, pregnancy and lactation!

In this world, the shifters exist with the humans but, at the same time, are seen as outsiders, and omegas, particularly human omegas, get discriminated against by humans. I also found the concept of one-sided mate pull interesting and was worried for Adam when Bryant, Lucas’s brother, went a little wild. I’m curious as to how Bryant’s story will unfold.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and excited to read the second book!

Angel's review:

I.. feel a bit conflicted about this story, and here's why. I thought that this story started off strong, I liked the stubbornness of Adam's character and how he wasn't your 'typical' Omega, I did have trouble getting into the story because of how its written but eventually I was able to look past that. So the beginning started off strong, it established a firm standing of Adam's character being headstrong and how he was not going to back down to some alpha who wanted to threaten him. That was great and made things quite different from other stories I've read of this nature.

Where things started to sour was when these two characters met up, before they met they were firmly against being with anyone and to having a mate... Then once they met, all of a sudden they fall into bed together and instantly decide that they are okay with having a mate now.. and that was just confusing and seemed like it came out of the blue. It felt rushed and disjointed and it was there that the story fell by the wayside to me.

I'm not saying that the book wasn't good, cause I still think that it was interesting in its own way. However, the pace of the story and the overall flow of it just didn't work for me. I was confused by quite a few things and I feel as though some characters were just added for no reason, they didn't really serve a purpose.

After saying all that, I do think this book was an interesting read, I just think that some elements need to be reworked.

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