His Patient Alpha, Christmas Omegas by Morgan Lysand

Old friends reconnecting and figuring out they are more connected than they thought. His Patient Alpha is a standalone in the Christmas Omegas multi-author series.

From the blurb:

Adam is an omega that has never had a heat. He’s twenty-five and past the age of an omega’s first cycle. His doctors have told him countless times he’ll never have the experience. But sometimes doctors get it wrong or perhaps Fate changes her mind. During rehearsal for the winter ballet, Adam goes into heat and he’s forced home with no alpha to help.

Peyton does odd jobs around town. One job is being a heat service provider to omegas without an alpha. When his next call is to his childhood best friend and the fated mate that rejected him years ago, he can’t help but try to ask for another provider. But Adam is too far gone and Peyton is the only alpha close enough.

Once Adam’s heat is over, the pair separate, only to be thrown back together to help decorate the dance studio’s winter parade float. Can the two reconcile? Or will Adam stay oblivious to Peyton’s true feelings?

His Patient Alpha is an MM shifter omegaverse romance featuring a feisty fox male dancer that can’t sense his heat nor his fated mate, and an alpha deer that just wants a second chance to love him.

Christmas Omegas is a multi-author series. Each story is a standalone and features a fun Holiday Season Parade! Whether it’s a paranormal pairing or a human pairing, you can expect these omegas to find love during the holidays.

Angel's Review:

After having a falling out when they were younger, Adam and Peyton haven't seen each other in years. When Adam's first heat happens unexpectedly, he's forced to call a servicing agency. The alpha who arrives to help him through his heat is the one who broke his heart all those years ago. 

This book was cute! There was a misunderstanding that occurred between the two MCs in their past, but they talked through it and were able to clear it up for each other. And while this book is primarily filled with spicy scenes (since Adam's heat lasted a couple of days) there were still some other scenes that were cute and added a nice touch. One scene in particular is where they go play laser tag and have help from the kids that are on their team. That was really cute! I also adored how Morgan wrote Adam's character, cause yes he's a fox shifter, but he can also half shift, which is so adorable!! 

Overall, a cute and steamy story! 

Rating: 4 Stars

His Patient Omega is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.