His Alpha Prince: An MM Omegaverse Paranormal Romance, Christmas Omegas by Kota Quinn

Part of the Christmas Omegas universe comes HIS ALPHA PRINCE, a tale of two men who had a chance encounter of different universes get their second chance a decade later. A low angst holiday omegaverse tale set where omegas don't have the right to choose their husband, but if they're lucky, they get to meet their fated mate and change their fate.

From the blurb:

Trapped in one of the last territories where omegas have no rights, Astra only has two options: to be
auctioned off to the highest bidder or to try to become one of the prized Jewel Omegas. When Astra’s best friend is forced into an arranged marriage, they decide to have one night of freedom by sneaking out to attend a night parade.

Only, Astra never expects to meet an Alpha, let alone a demon Alpha who lights his soul on fire.

Maven is a Prince of the Fourth Kingdom of the Demon Realm, and he is bored. Desperate to feel something, his friend convinces him to attend a series of parties where alphas get a chance to court the omegas looking for a mate. A week before the first ball, Maven attends a Christmas celebration where he meets his fated mate. Not wanting to frighten the little omega, Maven uses an incantation to appear human. He plans to win Astra’s heart before showing him his demon appearance.

Only, Maven finds out his mate is the most sought-after omega of the season.

His Alpha Prince is a paranormal romance featuring a human omega, a demon prince, a surprise heat, and the fiery passion that blazes between them.

**While there is no on-page mpreg in this story, it exists in the world.

Christmas Omegas is a multi-author series. Each story is a standalone and features a fun Holiday Season Parade! Whether it's a paranormal pairing or a human pairing, you can expect these omegas to find love during the holidays.

Molly Otto's Review:

A perfect holiday romance with an old world vibe of dances to mate off omegas. Maven and Astra met at a younger age and have never forgotten the other and got their chance once again. 

These two share a passion for one another so strong they will change their lives forever to stay together. The two share a love for Christmas and get to experience all the joys together, as Maven sees Christmas from the human world for the first time. 

A perfect low angst holiday romance, so happy to have tried this author's version of omegaverse.

Rating: 5 Stars

His Alpha Prince is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.