Family First by RJ Scott and VL Locey (Harrisburg Railers #13)


I love that the holidays gives us a chance to catch up with favourite characters for a peek into their lives... and this year it was great to catch up with Stan and Erik and the rest of the guys from the Railers in Family First.

From the blurb:

An injury threatens to end Stan’s career. Will he choose to fight for his beloved hockey, or put his family first?

Few goalies are as dedicated as Stan Lyamin, known for his resilience on the ice, talking to his pipes, and his love of Elvis. Add in his adoration of his family and his life has been filled with all the things that bring him joy. However, after a heart-wrenching game ends with a disastrous hip injury, Stan faces the most challenging obstacle of his career: surgery, an extensive recovery, and the looming threat of retirement. It’s now that he has to decide which path to take: the one that will lead him back to the game he adores or the one that will see his jersey lifted to the rafters.

Erik and Stan, once invincible with the Railers, have always skated through life's challenges hand in hand. Their love story, cemented by a shared passion for hockey and the joy of raising their children, has been their shield against the world. But when their son Noah’s life is changed forever by a medical diagnosis, this forever love is put to the test. Erik turns to his husband for support, but Stan is consumed with guilt, overwhelmed by decisions, and retreats into himself when his family needs him the most.

Heather's Review:

So much to catch up on this year - and so many difficulties to overcome as Stan, Erik and their family transition to new chapters in their lives and move into uncharted territory... not only with Stan's life changing injuries, but Noah's diagnosis and more.

I love how the Railers team - and even a player from another team rally to support the guys and their family and how they work through everything going on in their lives.

If you haven't read the Railers series, you'll want to do that before checking out this novella - it really is a check in more than a standalone story.

Rating: 5 Stars

Family First is available wide in e-book format.