End of the Line, Rail Riders, Book 1 By: Nicky James Narrated by: Nick J. Russo

Unimaginable lifestyle. Leo, coming from a wealthy family, needs to get away and his only option is to hop a train. He is saved by Killian, an experienced rail rider. The adventure and relationship takes twists and turns I would have not imagined. Reedkaye listened to End of the Line.

From the blurb:

When a boy who has everything meets a boy who has nothing, life will never be the same again. Leopold Van Eschen is in big trouble. All the money in the world won’t save him from what he’s done.
On the run, desperate to get away, Leo finds himself seeking help from a bunch of vagabonds he meets in a railyard. Leo has no idea his whole world is about to change. Killian has been homeless and living on the fly for nine years. The closest thing he has to family is a group of fellow freight-hoppers. With the wind at his back and the whole world stretched out before him, he’s happy. It’s not an easy life, but you can’t put a price on freedom. A chance run-in with a wealthy stranger turns Killian’s world upside down. Leo’s cute and desperate to get away. Without knowing a thing about him, Killian and his friends help Leo escape the city. It doesn’t take long before Killian realizes the boy he’s slowly falling for has dark secrets. Who is Leo running from? What happened to make Leo want to give up a life of wealth to live the life of a vagabond instead? **End of the Line is the first book in a queer romance series. It’s a story of two men from vastly different worlds who fall in love while on a journey of self-discovery. It’s a story of friendship and found family. No cliffhangers. 100% HEA**

Reedkaye's Review:

This is a great beginning to this series about rail riders. There is such raw emotion in all the characters. As the author introduces them, it is so easy to picture each.
Leo is on the run. When he decides his only answer is to hop a train and he is in for a surprise. It isn’t like in the movies and not as easy as it looks. Luckily, he has Killian there to save him. This is the start of a very complicated relationship between Leo, Killian and the other rail riders.
There are so many emotional times in this story, funny and sad. This author knows how to play on my heartstrings and the characters do that. Leo is so innocent about life, yet so caring. Killian has a heart of gold. Their interaction with the others gave me more than a few laughs.

Nick’s narration is perfect here. He brings the characters and settings to life in ways my imagination can’t compare. I’m anxious to hear the next in the series.

Rating: 5 Stars

End of the Line is available to buy from Audible and is Whispersynced.