Emergency: Kiss of Fire by Andrew Grey (Carlisle Emergency Book 1)

Andrew Grey has embarked on a new series and put us right in the middle of Emergency: Kiss of Fire.

From the blurb:

The last person emergency responder Cade Elmhurst expects to meet at an accident scene is his old high school crush. Cade always regretted keeping his feelings to himself. That Selby remembers Cade is a bigger surprise. He even seems to share Cade’s long-buried feelings and flirts with him on the ride to the hospital, but that may just be the concussion talking.

Selby Winston hasn’t had much luck in life. His conservative farm family turned their backs on him, and he’s been making his way alone ever since. Meeting Cade again is a spot of warmth in his otherwise cold life. He’s as nice as Selby remembers, even offering a ride home from the hospital and help dealing with his wrecked car. On top of that, the heat between them means Cade might return Selby’s long-simmering attraction.

Everything changes in an instant when Selby’s family home burns to the ground, leaving his father hospitalized and his four siblings in need of a place to live. Once again, Selby figures he’ll find himself standing alone, but to his surprise, Cade stands with him. Their budding relationship is going to have to withstand four younger kids in a small apartment, social workers with differing opinions, and his father’s closed-minded stubbornness to make the most of their second chance.

Heather's Review:

Wow - there is a lot going on in Selby's life!  Car accident, concussion, re-connecting with an old high school acquaintance and then another huge disaster... (Trigger warning that may be a spoiler so highlight the blue text for details death of an estranged parent

This book is a lot packed into a novella and in some ways the romance is a secondary part of the story, but it is sweet and you can see the genuine caring that both men have for each other as well as the support they provide...  In the end, it balances out and gives you a satisfying conclusion.

Rating: 4 Stars

Emergency: Kiss of Fire is available in e-book format and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription.