Designation: Submissive (The Designation Series Book 1) by Jamie Kassel

Military engineering to enhance soldiers also caused a dominant and submissive imperative, and any soldier considered submissive needs and dominant to help them through their release cycles. When Sam is asked to help a newly discovered submissive, he finds that maybe Craig may be just the boy he's been waiting for. Designation: Submissive is part of a new series from Jamie Kassel.

From the blurb:

A possessive and demanding Dominant. A submissive needing to surrender….

As the world becomes more technologically advanced and dangerous, governments rush to keep their militaries at the forefront of change. Soldiers undergo genetic modifications that make them stronger,
faster, smarter, and deadlier.

The downside is a genetic quirk that cannot be eliminated: a need to dominate or submit in order to stay alive.

For Corporal Craig Richards, this means having a Dominant help him through his Release Cycle, a period of time when he requires sex and dominance to purge his body of toxic hormone buildup.

Commander Samuel Flak is a Dominant able to put a submissive’s needs first. That’s why he’s always in high demand for submissives entering their first cycle. But it’s getting harder not to have a submissive of his own.

A submissive who needs to submit hard outside his cycle.

As soon as he meets Craig—strong, angry, and needy as hell—Sam knows he’s found his match.

This is a full length, high heat romance featuring lots of kinky, sexy times between two powerful men who need sex to survive. Welcome to the steamy world of biological kink. HEA guaranteed!

This is a full length romance novel featuring a desperately naive but enthusiastic submissive and a Dominant eager to find the right one. Contains daddy kink, knotting (but no mpreg), cathartic yet sexy crying and more....

SNik's Review:

Designation: Submissive is the first in the series (The Designation series). Science fiction. Alpha/omega and BDSM dynamics. Daddy/boy. Hurt/comfort. Dual POV.  

Sam is a commander in the military and well known for his ability to dominate but not go feral when dealing with submissive soldiers, so he is often called whenever a newly discovered submissive needs help with their cycle. 

Craig agreed to be a super soldier for the military as long as his reward was a dominant he could call his own, but being abandoned and pulled out of stasis years later he doesn’t believe that Sam will help him and possibly be Craig’s forever. 

This story is an interesting futuristic twist to A/o traits being a genetic side effect to military engineering, and it has the world build to explain how the society works. 

High heat with a cinnamon roll dominant that wants to dominate full time finding a submissive that relishes submitting in all aspects of his life.

Rating: 4 Stars

Designation: Submissive is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.