Crash-Landed in Love (He's Out of This World Book 1) by Piper Scott & Renee Fox

“Life is patient, and it’s built like a bomb shelter …. Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard…..” Crash-Landed in Love.

From the blurb:

He comes in peace… amongst other things

When college kid Jude Adler wishes for a new life on a shooting star, he never imagined it would come in the form of a shapeshifting alien who nearly crash-lands his spaceship on top of him, let alone one who chooses to disguise himself as a man inspired by Jude’s wildest fantasies.

Al’s ship is damaged and unable to make the flight home, and when he earnestly asks Jude for a safe place to stay until help arrives, how can Jude say no?

Keeping his hands to himself until then shouldn’t be difficult… but Jude is only human, and there’s only so long anyone can resist a roommate disguised as the hottest guy imaginable.

A roommate whose insatiable curiosity is piqued by Jude’s human body…

And who shares Jude's only bed.

Crash-Landed in Love is a hilarious paranormal romance set on modern-day Earth with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It contains a clueless alien who is quite good at pretending to be a human, a love that’s written in the stars, shapeshifting body parts, and enough steam you’ll start to worry that your spaceship is on fire.

Please note that while this series has a contemporary setting… life finds a way.

Miki J's Review:

I had a good feeling this would be a funny book when I read the dedication… and it certainly didn’t disappoint!! It’s a really cute and funny story about a human and alien - they meet, become more than friends… I mean really more!! 

The humor is mainly from Al’s perception of Earth and humans. And Jude’s patience in explaining everything… or trying to!! Hehehe. 

And then feelings get involved… low angst story that’s romantic, sweet and spicy. 

Please note - while there’s no A/O dynamic… there are… eggs...

Angel's review:

This book was interesting, in a good way! I found the writing to be really unique, and something that admittedly did take me a bit to get used to. Once I got used to the writing style, I did enjoy the story.

Al's character is such a sweet and kind alien, he tries so hard to adjust to human customs and to learn more about the world he crash landed on, even though he does not like certain parts of earth. The way he always tries to understand the things he doesn't know, and how he cares for Jude was just so endearing. And how he talks to Buttons! Adorable!! I love that he can communicate with the cat, that's so cute!

Jude's character was not my favorite, primarily because it almost seemed as though he was poking fun of Al's character the whole time. Then he broke Al's heart, and then acted like he was the one who's heart got broken. Despite that though I liked how these characters got along together and how they tried to learn things about each other. The aspect of gaining access to each other's language through the bond they share was really cool to read about! I also liked Ezra's character, I really hope he gets his own book at some point.

Overall a quirky story about an extraterrestrial crash landing on earth, and finding his True Mate.

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