Christmas Wishes by Lee Blair (Dare Me Duo book 2)


Lee Blair gives us a second glimpse at a holiday HEA with Christmas Wishes!

From the blurb:

Say it ain’t snow!

After my bestie and I got laid off during the holidays, we drunkenly decide to plan a surprise vacation for each other. Knowing how much I hate snow, he sends me to sunny Arizona with my swim briefs and a dare. I’m supposed to finally start the beauty influencer accounts I’ve been talking about for years.

Did you know there are parts of Arizona where it snows? I didn’t. No wonder my tipsy BFF got a sweet deal on my tickets.

But I’m determined to stick it out, even if I have to endure my frigid fun in a fugly thrifted coat. And my s*x appeal must still be on point, because the hottest guy I’ve seen in ages can’t take his eyes off me.

Too bad when I go to close the deal, I find out my coat used to belong to his dead boss. Yeah, that knocks my holly jolly down a peg or two. It’s even worse when the same hottie turns out to be my Airbnb host.

But instead of a week full of awkwardness, I find out Riggs might be as quiet as a snowman, but he has the depth of the Grand Canyon.

Maybe snow isn’t so bad if you have the right person for a snowball fight.

Except the clock is ticking on my winter wonderland adventure, and Riggs hasn’t asked me to stay. And I still haven’t put up any influencer videos.

Do I dare?

Christmas Wishes is a low angst, opposites attract, forced proximity, M/M vacation romance full of small-town holiday cheer. It’s half of the Dare Me Christmas Duo, but each book is a standalone romance.

Heather's Review:

As much as I loved Arlo in the first book of this duo, I think Keaton is my favourite - his combination of go with the flow, flair and fear was captivating to read about.  I love the sentimentality behind the meet cute and how well Keaton understands Riggs... I love that they both acknowledge when the other person 'gets them' and the cast of characters in Juniper Ridge were so much fun to visit with!

While this book was fun and flirty with a vacation romance vibe, there was still a serious undercurrent of dealing with grief and loss, experiencing the holiday without loved ones and learning to go with the flow...  I think this book deals with Riggs' past loss well and incorporates the grief into the story just enough that it's present but not overpowering.

Keaton's quirky style and willingness to jump right into the Juniper Ridge community was inspiring and I'm so glad he found his holiday HEA.  I look forward to seeing Keaton and Riggs in cameos as we explore this town more in the future.

Rating: 5 Stars

Christmas Wishes is currently available in wide release e-book format.