A Winter Awakening: An MM Fantasy Novella (A Nymph Solstice Romance Book 6) by Gigi Rivers

Lost and inexperienced on how to survive in the forested mountains, Gael is rescued by the kind oread Orteo who is happy to care for the handsome young human. Gael has never felt an attraction until Orteo kisses him and their friendship blossoms into more. 
A Winter Awakening is part of the A Nymph Solstice Romance series by Gigi Rivers.

From the blurb:

An MM fantasy winter holiday novella.

A naïve human virgin lost in the mountains. An older nymph who swoops in and rescues him.

Gael fled on his wedding day when he realised he couldn’t marry the bride. He should have recognised it sooner, but he’s always been such a bumble-headed fool. Now he is fleeing on horseback. He gets lost and injured and takes shelter in a cave. He fears that his rash decision might cost him his life.

Thankfully, the mountain nymph Orteo rescues Gael. Gael doesn’t know what he’d do without Orteo looking after him. He’s so lucky to have the older, experienced nymph as a friend.

However, Orteo yearns for more than just friendship from the young human. But is Gael too naive to recognise what is possible between them?

Each book in the A Nymph Solstice Romance series contains an HEA with no cliffhangers and can be read as a standalone.

SNik's Review:

Sixth in series (A Nymph Solstice Romance), but A Winter Awakening can be read as a standalone. Fantasy. Hurt/comfort. Quick read. Dual POV. 

In a hurry to escape his wedding, Gael gets lost and injured in the Norend mountains and has to rely on the kindness of a local oread to help him. Orteo doesn’t mind helping Gael, in fact, he enjoys caring for the innocent human, and the beginning of a friendship has Orteo hoping for more from the clueless Gael. Orteo enjoys being a caretaker after feeling like he failed to do more in his past, and Gael appreciates the support and guidance that Orteo offers. 

Their companionship eventually turns to romance once Gael realizes that Orteo wants more from him and he decides the same. 

This book didn’t have as much solstice or wooing as some of the previous stories, but still had the caring, tenderness, and spice for a fun read.

Rating: 4 Stars

Angel's Review:

Gael and Orteo's story was such a sweet romance story, a bit on the fast side, but still a good story. I liked how caring Orteo was to Gael and how he visited him each day to check to make sure he was alright. 

This book has a friends to lovers vive going on in between the pages of this story. I appreciated how Orteo's character finally talked to his nephew about his past, how he finally learned that there was no need for him to make himself suffer by all the guilt for so many years. I loved Daisy being a side character. However, after Gael got injured, she wasn't mentioned after that. 

Overall, another great Oread falling for a wandering human. 

Rating: 4 Stars

A Winter Awakening is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.