A Little Christmas: Blaine's Secret

Brina Brady is up next in this year's A Little Christmas multi-author series, with Blaine's Secret.

From the blurb:

Looking for a Daddy? Looking for a boy?
This Christmas Party mixer is for you. (Males 18+ only)

This could provide the perfect solution for Blaine and Davie, whose minimum wage job has left them struggling to afford any housing except a dilapidated motel room with a single bed.

It could also provide the perfect solution for Daddy Jacob, a co-sponsor of the mixer who’s decided it’s time to find a boy.

Blaine and Davie are too poor to afford transportation to the mixer, but life in the group home they recently aged out of has made them determined and resourceful, so Blaine bravely calls the number on the poster and explains their problem. Jacob has never had to worry about money and something in Blaine's honesty intrigues him, so he sends a car for them.

Daddy Jacob immediately knows he wants Blaine, but several things stand in his way. First, there's a rule that he must mix with all the prospective boys for the five days and only make his choice on Christmas Eve, and second, he has to make Blaine choose him over the other daddies and finally; he knows Blaine won't abandon Davie without a daddy of his own.
When Blaine reveals a secret, will it further complicate their situation? Can they overcome all these obstacles with the help of some Christmas magic?

Each book in A Little Christmas is a standalone. But each boy is silly, unique, lovable, and downright adorable, so why not read them all?

This book is part of A Little Christmas: Season Two 2023 multi-author series with themes loosely based on the classic book A Secret Garden.

Heather's Review:

This contribution to the A Little Christmas anthology was a little more Cinderella than Secret Garden in my opinion, but it was fun and engaging to read and Blaine was certainly a sweet little...

I have to say that there were a few places where I wished that there was a little more depth and a few places that my brain had to make leaps, but I truly enjoyed getting to know Jacob and Blaine and also watch Blaine share his secret with his bestie Davie...

If you're hooked on the series like I am, or you like stories where the billionaire rescues the young guy on the brink of poverty, then you'll definitely need to pick up Blaine's Secret. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars