12 Gays of Christmas by D.K. Sutton

DK Sutton gives us a different take on finding love during the holidays in the 12 Gays of Christmas.

From the blurb:

The hottest jock on campus has something to lose this Christmas.

Gil is the star football player for our college team, and one of the most popular guys in school. As his roommate, I see the sweet geeky side he hides from everyone else. The other thing he keeps hidden? He's still a virgin.

Determined to change that, Gil has a list of guys hanging on our wall. His goal? Losing his V-card before his birthday. On Christmas.

12 guys. 12 dates. 12 days. One goal.

As each date goes hilariously wrong, it gets harder to hide how I feel. But why would Gil want a shy science geek when he could have any guy on campus?

Is 12 days enough time to convince Gil to give us a chance? Is it enough to convince myself?

12 Gays of Christmas is a 46,000+ word low angst gay romance featuring a virgin MC, roommates to lovers, dates gone wrong, a frenemy neighbor, and Christmas cheer with found family.

Heather's Review:

This book had some sweet moments, but for me was a bit frustrating as I watched Gil and Colin bumble their way towards each other... neither one of them stepping up for what they want... but thankfully, they eventually start orbiting each other...

This book has lots of sweet, a little snark and a holigay HEA.  If you don't mind a little pining with your holiday, you should definitely pick up 12 Gays of Christmas.

Rating: 4 Stars

12 Gays of Christmas is available in e-book format and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription.