#TeaserTuesday: Ball Boy by Raquel Riley


Today's #TeaserTuesday brings you a sneak peek at Raquel Riley's hot upcoming release: Ball Boy. This book releases on Wednesday November 22, 2023.

From the Blurb:

There’s no crying in baseball, unless you want the one thing you can’t have… your coach.

~Austin Healey
It all started with a kinky video about a baseball player and his coach. A coach who happened to look just like mine. Now, I can’t get Coach Wolfe off my mind. He’s all I can think about. Teaching me, touching me, praising me for being the good boy I am. Unfortunately, he won’t do any of those things, not as long as I’m his student.

But I’m eighteen and about to graduate. 

~Marcus Wolfe
I would love to have a boy of my own again. A boy who is honest, loyal, obedient, and generous. A boy just like… Austin, who happens to be too young, and completely off-limits. But Austin doesn’t understand limits. He is determined to make a conquest of me. My defenses are wearing thin.

I’m only a man, and a man can only take so much. 

Ball Boy is an MM baseball sports romance with an age gap, power imbalance, and praise kink. This coach/student pairing can be read as a standalone but contains characters from the already published Family Sins Duet.


I couldn’t remember the last time I wore a suit. Probably last year, at prom. Tugging at the button at my throat, I loosened it and the next two, rolling my neck from side to side. The air in the gym was stifling, thick with body heat, the scents of cloying perfume and cologne, sweat, and residual BO from being used primarily for gym classes. 

The music was terrible and way too loud. How did anyone dance to this?

Yet they did, and it was my job to make sure no one got knocked up or knocked out on the dance floor.

If I were being honest with myself, I could admit I was just biding my time waiting until Austin arrived. I'd thought of little else since he sent the second dick pic, this one dressed in a skirt. 

Shit, I’d been wrecked by the orgasm of my life after seeing him like that. His muscular calves in those heels, the cut of his abdomen in a crop top, and that pleated miniskirt teasing the swell of his perfect ass. 

I wasn't supposed to notice these things, but fuck, what normal red-blooded gay man wouldn't? That was like asking a priest to walk past a holy relic without giving it a second glance. 


I wasn't capable of performing miracles, which was a shame because I was going to need one to get through this night without embarrassing myself.

Of course he knew I'd jacked off to him, to that picture of the bright pink head of his cock, shiny and wet with cum, peeking from beneath that pink and black plaid hemline. He had to know.

And when I finally met his wanton calculating stare tonight, there would be no disguising my guilty blush. 

I was in danger of sweating through my shirt when something caught my eye and when I turned fully to look, there was Austin, striding toward me in all of his blond, cocky, perfection. His devastating grin was my undoing as I popped another button at my chest, struggling for a deep breath of air. 

This boy, this perfect forbidden temptation, was going to be my undoing eventually. The one thing that could threaten  to end a stellar fourteen year career, because I was definitely getting fired for this, no doubt. For what I was capable of doing, for what I dreamed of doing. Austin Healey was going to ruin me, and I would probably let him with a smile on my face.

In his black tuxedo, with his green Musketeers jersey underneath, he looked incredible, unforgettable, the epitome of cool swagger. Not that Austin was egotistical, quite the opposite actually, but he was confident in his seduction of me, knew that he had me exactly where he wanted me.

No, on the inside, Austin had no artifice or calculation, no need to be the center of attention. The boy lived for the praise and compliments of those he admired, that’s what drove him and gave him the confidence to shine and succeed like he did. And that made him needy, vulnerable, and so fucking attractive…my kryptonite.

“Hey Coach,” he greeted with a breezy smile. “Mind if I help you hold up this wall?”

A smile tugged at my lips. “Be my guest. Nice suit, by the way. The green in your jersey really brings out the classiness of the tux,” I teased with a smirk.

“I thought so, too,” he agreed, touching the lapel of his jacket. “What's a guy gotta do to get a cup of punch around here?” 

“It’s as simple as walking over to the refreshment table and retrieving yourself one,” I pointed out, making a walking motion with my fingers.

“Some date you are,” he pouted, leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest.

“I’m not your date, Austin,” I whispered softly.

“And here I thought that picture would have put you in a good mood.” 

A dangerous teasing glint sparkled in his soft, brown eyes, like he was daring me to deny it.

“About that picture—”

“Don’t bother to deny it, we both know you loved it.” He pushed off the wall. “I’m going to get us some punch.”

How did he always get the last word? Better yet, why did I allow it?

Because you want to fuck him, the little voice in my head screamed.

I scrubbed my face, shaking off the thought. When Austin returned with our drinks, he resumed his place against the wall beside me, finished off his punch in two swigs, and crushed the plastic cup in his fist, like a frat boy with a beer can. 

“Came out to my Dad this weekend.”

I almost missed his confession over the pounding beat of the music, and I turned to him, giving him my full attention, concern and empathy written all over my face.

“Seriously? How did it go? What did he say?”

His lips pulled into a smile and his gaze fell to the cup in his hand, as if he were remembering the moment. 

“Better than I thought it would. He was okay with it.”

“Austin,” instinctively I reached for him before checking myself and pulling back. “I’m so proud of you. God, that took huge balls to admit to him, but you did it. I’m so relieved it turned out alright.”

“It was pretty scary, but you got me through it.” 

“Me? What did I do?” 

“I got your text message just before I spilled the beans.”

“And?” I tried to recall what earth shattering wisdom I might have imparted in my few meaningless words. 

“I realized from your text that you missed me, that you were thinking of me, and that you liked my picture too much,” he added in a soft whisper. He looked directly into my eyes, holding my gaze as he admitted, “It gave me the courage to come forward, because if there’s even the slightest chance that I could be with you, I don’t want to miss it because I was a coward.”

Fucking fuck. His words were unraveling my conscience. “There’s no chance of us being together, Austin. You know that.”

“What you say and what you do are two different things. As long as there’s an inconsistency, I choose to believe there’s still a chance.”

Ball Boy will be available on Smashwords and other retailers on Wednesday November 22, 2023.