Planes, Trains, and Hurricanes: A Christmas road trip romance by Eli Easton

A forced road trip due to an unpredictable hurricane. Joe and Remy start out as strangers but easily connect while traveling. But can Joe upend his life for a man he's only know a couple of days? Planes, Trains, and Hurricanes is a road trip romance from Eli Easton.

From the blurb:

Joe knows where he is going in life. But one crazy road trip just might change everything.

Joe Blankenship knows where he’s going. He’s on track to marry the boss’s daughter and become heir apparent to a multi-million dollar medical supply business. The financial security he never had growing up is within his grasp along with a glitzy Manhattan lifestyle. All he has to do is get to New York by Christmas Eve for his engagement party.

Joe didn’t count on getting grounded in Florida thanks to a hurricane. He couldn’t have anticipated having to rent a broken-down car for the long drive north. And he certainly never foresaw being stuck with a passenger like Remy Guidry, a sweet-natured Cajun boy, social worker at a children’s home, and free spirit. Remy is the opposite of everything Joe has worked for. But he just might teach Joe, not only the spirit of Christmas, but what’s truly of value in life.

Planes, Trains, and Hurricanes is a Christmas road trip, forced proximity, opposites attract romance.

SNik's Review:

Standalone novella. Forced proximity. Opposites attract. Quick read. Single POV. 

Joe craves money and stability, his medical supply sales job and soon to be marriage to the boss’s daughter has his life on the right track. But a hurricane during a business trip right before Christmas causes delays and his unplanned companion for the trip is making him question all kinds of choices in his life. 

Remy is a positive and cheerful road trip partner, and Joe is reevaluating his loveless relationship and lost opportunities in his pursuit of the almighty dollar. 

Joe and Remy connect as they go through stressful times, fun excursions, and helping others along their journey. 

Really, a cute story about how meeting your supportive special person can give you the courage to grow, change, risk, and achieve anything.

Rating: 4 Stars

Planes, Trains, and Hurricanes is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.