Missiletoe: This one *is* remotely about Christmas, A Really Gay Villain Christmas Series Book 2 by Zile Elliven

If you see Die Hard as a Christmas movie, you will see MISSILETOE as a Christmas book. One of those books to pick up if you're looking for a plain ole good fun time.

From the blurb:

***Like all the books in the Really Gay Villain Christmas Series, this can be read as a standalone story.

Spoiler: Someone is going to lose a toe.


Smart as a whip with the morals of an alleycat. I’ve heard it a million times.

But will my smarts be enough to catch the heart of the local animal shelter director?

He’s pretty.

And kind.

And caring.

And have you seen those pecs?

What’s a tiny evil genius to do?


Dumb as an ox with the heart of a lion. I’ve heard it a million times.

But am I good enough for someone a hundred times smarter than me?

He’s cute.

And sweet.

And an inventor.

And his hair is bunny-soft.

What’s an animal-loving giant to do?

Missiletoe is the first Really Gay Villain Christmas Series book that’s actually about Christmas! Like the first book, this one is full of found family feels, evil plots to “protect the world,“ ridiculous shenanigans, fuzzy cuteness, size difference, and, of course, those jealous/possessive characters that have become a trademark of Zile Elliven's work.

This book can be read as a standalone but is part of a larger series.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (A Really Gay Villain Christmas), can be read as a standalone but might be more fun if read in order. Paranormal. Size difference. Found family. Instalove. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Vix is a genius inventor that suffers from narcolepsy and lives with his very protective super villain family. When he falls asleep on animal shelter owner Paris, it was meant to be, they are instantly drawn to each other, possessive, protective and seriously lusting after each other. 

Now if they can navigate Paris discovering he has magic, a crazed fire starting stalker, as well as Paris accepting all the quirks and consequences of joining Vix’s special family, then they can get their HEA.

Vix is chaotic fun and Paris is cinnamon roll sweetness and all their interactions are over-the-top humorous with some craziness and spice sprinkled in. 

This book really expands the universe, introducing all kinds of possible magic and abilities, and exploring more of the gay villain characters. I really enjoy that once they find their “one” there is no question of any others or whether they will be together forever, it just is. 

Another fun romp from Zile Elliven.

Rating: 4 Stars

Molly Otto's Review:

All you can really say is that this book was chaos in the best possible way. The storyline had you enthralled from start to finish, even if multiple times you needed to ask yourself what I was reading? Seriously, did I read that, right? Yep. Now, that is just a fun story.

The dynamics of this family show that even if you toe the line between good and evil, it doesn't mean you don't love hard and fierce. This family will do everything and anything to protect its own.

Compared to the last book, it is more Christmas-y.  If you see Die Hard as a Christmas movie, you will see this as a Christmas book.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Missiletoe can be read as a standalone, but I'd recommend reading Apple and Adam's novella first because it's fun and for added context.

Vix and Paris have an instant connection pushed on with magic and a stalker. I really liked the pair together and loved Paris carrying Vix around all the time. There's a big size difference between the pair.

This one adds a bit more storyline with a mysterious new background character and more than a few questions about the town.

The story is told in such a fun way, with Vix in particular breaking the 4th wall to speak to the reader.

A great holiday read that does actually have Christmas in it!

Rating: 5 Stars

Missiletoe is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.