Juniper Evergreen, Merry Elf-Mas by Kota Quinn

Here we are back at Frostdale Mall with the elf squad, and the latest elf is JUNIPER EVERGREEN, a lonely man who needs to change to find himself again.

From the blurb:


I never imagined I'd be starting over at the age of thirty-six, but when I lose my landscaping job due to
seasonal cutbacks, my boyfriend of six years decides to dump me as well. Just like that, I'm forced to sleep on my mom's old sofa while I look for a job. I never expected to be a mall elf, but here I am in a crazy costume, trying to avoid the sexy photographer that looks more like a supermodel than the guy behind the camera.


It was just supposed to be one night. A moment of weakness between me and my grumpy coworker. But when I realize how June is living, my dominant and protective side flares up and I offer him a place to stay. As if June isn’t distracting enough with his larger body, sexy tattoos, and love for Christmas movies, now we're roommates, and he's so freaking tempting.

Juniper Evergreen is a roommates-to-lovers, age gap, MM romance featuring a beautiful photographer with "Big Daddy Energy" and a landscaper trying to find his way in life.

This story is part of the Merry Elf-Mas multi-author series. Each story can be read as a standalone, but why not come along for the ride as each of Santa’s elves finds love during the holidays?

Molly Otto's Review:

Here we are back at Frostdale Mall with the elf squad, and the latest elf is Juniper Evergreen, a lonely man who needs to change to find himself again.  

What a fun Christmas low angst read! 

Juniper and Alec are so beautifully paired together that they build each other up to make them confident in themselves and in building a lasting healthy relationship! Both do not have the best track records in dating, so it's no surprise it takes them a bit to want to try something, but their chemistry is undeniable from the getgo in this happy Christmas read! 

We get to see what makes this elf squad such a beautiful yet mischievous found family in the ELF-MAS series where each elf gets their luck in finding their one true love during the crazy holiday season at Frostdale Mall. 

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Merry Elf-Mas) in a shared small town setting but each can be read as a standalone story. Coworkers/roommates to lovers. Dual POV. 

The holidays are not going as planned for June. He’s broken up with his boyfriend, sleeping on his parents' couch, and now has a seasonal job at the mall being an elf in Santa’s Village. Then June finds himself working alongside a beautiful photographer that he has had fantasies about, but Alec is so much more than just a pretty face. 

As coworkers and then roommates, Alec and June try to downplay their mutual attraction while growing as friends. Alec is caring and protective towards June and he bolsters June’s confidence, supporting his career plans and provides the dominance June craves. 

They are sweet together and allow time to explore their feelings and learn about each other beyond the steamy chemistry they share. 

I enjoyed all the interactions between Alec and June, a fun holiday read.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I am truly loving the Frostdale world that this multi-author team has created... and I was very much looking forward to Alec and Juniper's story after getting a hint from the first book... and I wasn't disappointed!

I love that the characters are free to explore their own desires within the relationship and while they are fighting their attraction, the chemistry is certainly pulling them along too!  I absolutely love how caring and responsive Alec is and just how much of a sweet cinnamon roll June is.  

This was a steamy, sweet and fairly low angst holiday read and the perfect second story in this series!  I can't wait to read what comes next!

Rating: 5 Stars

Ms. Aimer's Review:

Juniper Evergreen by Kota Quinn is a heartwarming holiday romance. It’s the second book in the multi-author Merry Elf-Mas series. We return to the Frostdale Mall and Santa’s village.

Juniper isn’t in a very good place in his personal life: he was recently dumped by his abusive, cheating boyfriend and moved back in with his mom. Alec is also recovering from embarrassment and heartbreak after falling for his straight best friend.

Juniper Evergreen is a steamy story of two bruised and tender souls helping each other heal and begin to believe in their ability to love and be loved again. I truly enjoyed this book and read it in less than a day. I’m usually a person who waits to watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but this book is tempting me to break my rule. The remaining books in the series have a lot to live up to!

Rating: 5 Stars

Juniper Evergreen is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.