Hope for the Holidays by Felicity Snow

Hope for the Holidays is a heartwarming holiday story that has tons of sweet feels...

From the blurb:

Everest Jones lost the love of his life two Christmases ago. He’s had a hard time coping ever since. And sometimes he feels like he is drowning in his grief. On top of that he’s been raising three young kids on his own and barely managing to make ends meet. He’s exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed, and lonely. Can anyone or anything change that? Can he find a reason to hope again this Christmas, to let someone in to the broken pieces of his heart and allow himself to love again?

Levi Washington is no stranger to grief himself. At 25 he’s lost more than most, and he’s moved to Arizona to make a new start for himself. Running into his student and her family at the school’s trunk or treat event turns his world upside down when he finds himself instantly attracted to the handsome single father. But Everest is determined to keep Levi at bay, and Levi has to do everything he can to convince the older man that he is what Levi wants, despite his pain and insecurities. That the two of them just might be what the other needs to help make each other whole.

This book contains explicit sexual content and is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

CW: Please note that while these topics are handled with the utmost care, this story does deal heavily with grief and loss, both of partners and parents due to illness or accidents. Nothing is on page, but there are discussions of loss and grief. An HEA is promised for the MCs and there is plenty heart, tenderness, family feels and swoon

Heather's Review:

This novella is a hurt/comfort story about overcoming immense grief and being open to new love.  It introduces u to Levi and Everest, who have both experienced unimaginable loss, but are at different points in their grief... 

I love the pace and the balance in this story - the family support, the angst about finding a new love after loss and the holiday magic... while this book does contain adult intimacy, it's not spicy.  It is definitely sweet though and Everest's daughter Rose steals the show!

Rating; 4.5 stars

Angel's Review:

Hope For The Holidays is a touching and sweet story that showcases how to live even when your grieving. 

Both men have lost their loved ones, and both still struggle with grief every day. But thanks to a mischievous bunch of kids and a meddling brother, Everest and Levi find themselves spending more time together during the holidays. 

This book I thought was a really touching way to write about loss and grief, and how it's okay to still think about the ones you lost. How no one's perfect and everyone can be messes at some points. How even though your life may be messy, someone will want to be with you, regardless. I thought Everest's kids were adorable. They were so cute! I liked the bond Levi developed with the kids, and how he was accepted into the family right away. 

Rating: 4 Stars