DragonSeer: MMM Paranormal Romance (DragonKin Book 2) by S. Rodman

We get taken on yet another part of Cai, Kirby, and Harlen's story! DragonSeer is told exclusively from Harlen's POV.

From the blurb:

Two lovers, our dragons, eggs on the way, and one cottage.

It’s everything I need to be happy. But my partners were meant for greater things, I can feel it in my

Kirby is radiance and light. His presence is too big for a Welsh valley in the middle of nowhere.

Cai is doing so well, but he is clearly a shattered man.

They both need more and I need to give it to them. The world needs them too. It would be selfish of me to keep Cai and Kirby to myself.

If only I knew how to get us out of this situation.

Then, the night Ri lays his eggs, everything changes.

I’m having visions. I know things I shouldn’t. I’m guided to a miracle for Cai.

And when an injured tylwyth falls into my lap, I know just what to do.

The world is changing, but with Kirby and Cai by my side, nothing, absolutely nothing is going to keep me down.

DragonSeer is set in our modern world, one where dragons fly every night, you just can’t see them. It contains a gay 'Why choose' love triangle, with high steam, high stakes, high angst & a happy for now ending.

It is book two of the series which is intended to be read in order.

It contains content that may be upsetting for some readers. Please use the 'Look Inside' or sample feature to view the copyright page for further details.

Angel's Review:

I want to start by saying, This is NOT a standalone!! You must read Dragon Rider first before you read this one. This book is a continuation of the first book. Please start with DragonRider!

I have been really eager to see what is in store for Cai, Kirby, and Harlen ever since the first book! I'm not good at being left on cliffhangers, but I feel like these characters are worth it. 

In this addition we discover even more secrets about the characters abilities, along with what Cai and Harlen were led to believe was wrong. This book was well written, and it makes you feel full of anticipation while reading it. I was fully immersed in finding out what was going on with these characters and their dragon companions. There are a lot of things I want to discuss but can't because they are spoilers. So.. I'll just continue by saying this book was well written. The characters were as great as they were in the first book, and Eerie's character is so adorable! I hope he's in the third book! 

I enjoyed the action scenes that occurred in the pages of this story; they were well written and well described. In addition, I really loved the bonds that each character has with their dragon, it's so sweet. 

Overall, this book just made me even more eager for the third and final continuation of Cai, Kirby, and Harlen's story!! 

Rating: 4 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Harlen tells the story of DragonSeer and I loved getting his POV for the entire book. This is a fast-paced, spicy MMM story with plenty of revelations. As such, it needs to be read after DragonRider. These are not standalone stories.

I love the world that has been built up. This one is still part of the larger universe that S. Rodman has created, but those don't need to be read first. The hints at the larger world just give more context for those that have read them.

Trying to review the book without giving anything away is hard! So much happened and things are in motion for the 3rd book.

Harlen is really the center for Cai and Kirby. As he says, they are each other's weaknesses. They will do anything for each other, but he is the one that holds them together and they love him for it. He takes control when Cai is struggling, though he does push back. I really don't think that Kirby and Cai would work without Harlen there, just as Cai and Harlen didn't before Kirby came into their lives.

Magic, dragons, action and steam. Loved it.

Rating: 5 Stars

DragonSeer is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, hardback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.