Buck Me by Andrew Grey


Poor Emmett doesn't have anyone in his corner and his parents make it worse by hiring his dead brother's best friend and his longtime secret crush to take over as ranch foreman while Emmett's dad recovers from a serious heart attack... in Buck Me.

From the blurb:

Emmett McElroy is the cowboy horses hate. When his heir apparent brother dies and his father has a heart attack, he does his duty and steps up as head of the family ranch, but he wishes things were different and his life choices were his own. Just when he begins to get his legs under him, he arrives home to find his high school crush has been hired as ranch foreman.

Ex-rodeo cowboy Nathaniel Zachary desperately needs work. When Mrs. McElroy offers him a job while her husband recovers, he jumps at it. The only issue is Emmett… because Nathaniel has never been able to get his best friend’s brother out of his mind.

Tensions only increase when, after drowning his sorrows, Emmett foolishly agrees to enter a bucking bronc contest at the local rodeo. The attraction that grows as Nathaniel helps prepare Emmett for the contest is something neither of them expected, but as Emmett's father's health improves, the happiness they've built may break faster than a cowboy thrown from the meanest bronc.

Heather's Review:

In a sea of holiday reading, it was so nice to swing back to a straight up cowboy story with Buck Me.  The hurt/comfort, opposites attract, brother's best friend storyline was cheeky, steamy and sweet.  I love that Nate and Emmett work on becoming partners, both in the ranch and in their relationship.  Nate helps Emmett to realize the man he wants to be and also helps him solve the long time issue that horses have around Emmett...

There's a little friction between the men in the beginning, but the angst shifts quickly to solving the problems of sabotage on the ranch and dealing with Emmett's difficult father.  This book packed a lot into a short novel and there was something around every page...

It was such a fun and engaging read, with just enough swoon, a touch of sadness and lots of feisty horses!

Rating: 5 Stars

Buck Me is available in e-book and paperback versions from a wide range of retailers.