Ben by Cora Rose

Wow!  Hold on to your e-reader or paperback.. Ben starts off steamy and stays that way!  

From the blurb:

It’s often said that everything is impossible until it’s done.
And while I’ve always known my infatuation with Cash and Ford was meant to remain an unfulfilled dream, I never really lost hope.
Hope that the two men, twice my age, would ever see me as more than just a kid. As more than just their best friend’s son.
But I’m not a kid anymore, and at twenty-one, they’re about to see that little meek and quiet Ben is old enough for many things. Old enough to finally attract their attention. And frankly, old enough to know better. To know that these stolen touches and lustful trysts behind closed doors could never really amount to more.
Because everything will crumble as soon as Cash, Ford, and my father find out what I’ve been up to. That I’ve been keeping secrets from them all.
I can’t possibly keep them both.
I can’t keep them at all.
I know our love is impossible.
But, god help me, when has that ever stopped me?

Heather's Review:

Cora Rose balances the steam and the story really well in this MMM story that unfolds as Ben is running between Ford and Cash, trying to satiate his incredible drive... upfront with both that he won't be exclusive with either... but what happens when they finally start talking to each other as best friends do?  More steam, more heat and the start of a deeper relationship between best friends?

I couldn't put this book down - between the spice and the angst - especially Ben's need for secrecy and fears of telling his dad, and the fleeting moments of sweet, this book just kept on going - I was worried my kindle would melt a few times, but we came out the end and now all I want is Angel's book...

This book is part of a series but can easily be read as standalone for the tropes.

Rating: 5 Stars

Ben is currently available as an e-book and a paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription