At Odds with the Gods: A Mythmatched/Purgatory Playhouse crossover by E.J. Russell

At Odds with the Gods is a novella filled with sweet desserts, and an even sweeter romance! Low angst, low steam, and high swoon worthy moments!

From the blurb:

The road to redemption is long, rough, and steep. Bring snacks.

Finn Lassiter is a werewolf without a pack. Or a roof over his head. Or more than five bucks to his
name. He’s exhausted every lifeline except the one that makes him want to howl: begging his cousin, the supreme alpha, for charity. After the way Finn behaved for their entire lives, it’s entirely possible he’ll be turned down flat or banished forever when he makes that call tomorrow. So today he’s blowing his last dollar at Nectar & Ambrosia—he needs one more smile from the bakery’s beautiful owner to weather the bleak years ahead.

Ganymede, former cup bearer to the Greek gods, is reveling in his new life as a restaurateur in Portland, Oregon. He’s finally free of the Olympians and their extremely tedious menu options. Finn, the cute customer who’s haunted the corner table in his bakery since opening day, is just icing on the cake.

When the gods stage an encore, however, attempting to weasel out of their Fates-mandated atonement labors, Gany’s new livelihood isn’t the only thing at stake—Finn’s safety and freedom are at risk, too. Of course Gany invites Finn to stay with him until the danger passes! It would be irresponsible not to. Right?

Although with all the baggage he’s carrying from his past, that idea just might be only half-baked…

At Odds with the Gods is a friends-to-lovers Mythmatched/Purgatory Playhouse crossover featuring secrets on all sides, empowered former victims, misbehaving deities, three large, rambunctious pups, and cake. Lots and lots of cake.

Angel's Review:

Finn is living on the streets after his father poorly mistreated everyone in the shifter community. While most people assume he was a part of his dad's crimes and wanted to be just like him, that's just not true. He's as much of a victim as the others. No one truly understood that until he met Gary, aka Gany. Finn only has a few dollars to his name and there's no place he'd rather spend it, no place he'd rather be, than at Nectar & Ambrosia, Gany's bakery.  

Gany has spent millennia being forced to do what others want, never having a choice or a say. Being taken advantage of and abused. After the gods get sentenced for treating him, among others so poorly, Gany was finally able to open his dream bakery! And as a bonus, a sweet, cute guy keeps visiting and talks to him most mornings. However, with both men assuming the other is human, will they be able to make a relationship work?

I absolutely adore this book!! I haven't read any of the two series that are mentioned; I read the blurb of this book and was immediately interested in reading it! I'll start off with the writing itself; it was really well done. Each and every character had their own personality, their own backstory, and their own quirk that just made them so unique! The scenery in the book takes place in is primarily Gany's bakery, which was described quite well. It felt as though I was actually in a bakery, which was really cool! I love when a book features a character who not only enjoys baking but who also has their own bakery. I love that, it always makes me so happy! Especially when it's done well, like how it was here. 

I thought the buildup of the two MC's relationship was done adorably well, I adored all the cuteness that occurred. Especially the scene where Finn was playing with not just one puppy, but three of them? Talk about cute! 

I liked that both of these characters were clueless about the other, both of them assuming one another is human, when in fact neither of them are. 

Overall, this book was packed full of sweetness, not just because of the baked goods but also the sweetness that occurs between the characters. I really hope Peyton will get their own chance at love soon!

Rating: 5 Stars

At Odds with the Gods is available to buy in Kindle format.