Terrible Lovely Demon, Possessive Love by Odessa Hywell

Here we go with another uniquely beautiful installment to the Possessive Love combined universe with Terrible Lovely Demon. What happens when desperate times lead to choices that will change everything? 

From the blurb:

A decade ago, Maxton cheated death. Now, a twist of fate brings him face-to-face with his demonic savior.

Ten years ago Maxton Grant was a frail sixteen-year-old slowly being consumed by an aggressive form of childhood cancer and teetering on the brink of death. Until, suddenly, he wasn’t.

The doctors called it a miracle, but Maxton knew the truth. An act of divine intervention wasn’t what saved him. It was Beau Holland, his hot-as-sin night nurse—a demon in disguise who was willing to make a deal with a dying teenager that gave him a second chance at life.

Now, a decade later, a chance encounter reunites Maxton with the demon from his past. Neither can fight the questionable chemistry that has always existed between them, but they struck a bargain, and Maxton must pay the price.

Is it such a terrible fate to owe a lovely demon a favor?

Molly's Review:

Let's start this off simply, read the trigger warnings for Terrible Lovely Demon for your mental health before going into this beautiful story. They are there for a valid reason. If you are able to handle them, be prepared to dive into a beautiful, unique tale of love that comes from a decision of desperate need for something more to life. 

These two will help each other grow, love, and live for the time they get together. When hard choices are made, they will gut you, but you can understand them even when the fallout affects more than just our main couple. 

The fun times are amazing and unique to all their own to give some lightness to this beautiful story.  

Thank you, Odessa, for having the courage to take this idea of possession this way that may not be easy for all readers but a journey worth to be had.

Rating: 5 Stars

Terrible Lovely Demon is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.