Smart Ass (The SPARK Files Book 2) by Reese Morrison

When the AI he created becomes self-aware, Ben unexpectedly gains his dream Dom and a slightly obsessive boyfriend. But if they can't keep the full range of Max's abilities a secret, they may be separated from each other, and Max will never let that happen. 

From the blurb for Smart Ass:

Ben doesn’t need anybody.

Maybe he’s a little lonely sometimes. And isn’t known for making the best decisions. But what’s a little hacking to save his friends?

Except this time Ben’s exploits have awoken his AI work interface, Max, as a SPARK—a self-aware robot who maybe doesn’t have the best grasp on ethics and might have a teensy little obsession with Ben. And a Dom voice that makes Ben swoon. (Not that he’d tell anybody.)

The only way to keep Max safe is to keep him hidden.

Ben can totally handle this.


Max has found his purpose in life: Ben.

For the past two years, Ben has been the center of his world, literally waking him up every time he steps into the office.

And now that Max is sentient, it’s obvious that Ben is already his.

He just needs to convince the prickly smart ass that he’s worthy of love, while dodging the company programmers (who think he’s a malicious virus), the law (because, uh, no reason), and Ben’s boss (because he’s a wanker).

Max can totally handle this.


Smart Ass is a fast-paced adventure with a bratty sub who doesn’t do relationships and a sentient computer who’s determined to love him. It has spankings in the office maintenance room, rude songs about Ben’s boss, bondage by mechanical arms, car chases, primal play, and an HEA.

Note: This book overlaps in time with The SPARK Files, Book 1: Garbage. It is highly recommended that you read in order to follow the plot and avoid spoilers.

SNik's Review:

Second in series (The SPARK Files), best if read in order. Science fiction. BDSM. Dual POV. 

Max has always been Ben’s personal AI, even though he started out as a work partner. The sexy voice and Dom mods Ben added don’t mean anything until Max begins to realize that he is self-aware, a SPARK. 

As Ben and Max build a more intimate and emotional relationship, they have to hide Max and his capabilities which does cause some angst for them, as well as Ben’s fear that Max will eventually move on and grow away from Ben. 

Max really thrives at caring and being obsessive about Ben’s needs, including wanting to be the best Dom for the bratty sub that Ben is, and the steamy interactions are unconventional and super spicy. 

This series is so different, drawing on current day AI fears in showing a futuristic world where intelligent beings still struggle for acceptance no matter how they look or came into existence. 

Entertaining, witty and smart, I am still really enjoying this series.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Miki J's Review:

I was very much intrigued with Ben from book 1 and this book certainly did NOT disappoint. It's heart-felt, heart-warming and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The author has woven a beautiful story about how "someone" is perceived and body image... and what it all means.  

Ben and Max - perfect pair... yes, Max does not have a "body", but in no way is he lacking (no way at all!! That maintenance room... oh boy! hehehehe). Ben is such a brat... he's just adorable... but of course, he does have his own issues to fight through.  

Fantastic story and written soooo very well. I'll just add that you do need to read the books in order, but that ain't no hardship... they are that good!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Smart Ass is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.