Packing: An M/M Anthology by L.D. Blakeley Michaela Cole Matthew Dante Jeris Jean S.M. Landon Duckie Mack Garry Michael Michael Robert Harper Robson Kota Quinn

Packing: An M/M Anthology is the latest anthology from the authors who brought you Cruising last year!

From the blurb:

Spicy travel adventures abound in…PACKING: An M/M Anthology

Finding love on the road is the unexpected bonus to hilarious and fun travel adventures the characters from the anthology PACKING experience. Check out this romantic, light-hearted collection of novellas by some of your favorite MM authors.

Contributing authors: L.D. Blakeley Michaela Cole Matthew Dante Jeris Jean S.M. Landon Duckie Mack Garry Michael Michael Robert Harper Robson Kota Quinn


Heather's Review:

I loved Cruising last year, so when the chance to ARC Packing came up, I jumped at the chance!  There is a bit of everything packed into this anthology - brother's best friend, roommates, coworkers, Father's friend, recovering from divorce, falling for the nerd, naked reality show, enemies to lovers and a road trip!

This anthology gave us so many reasons for camping out and being in the outdoors and just as many different experiences, with one final result - happy couples who learn about themselves and each other!

If you're looking for a way to find new authors or just get a kick out of great travel romances, I highly recommend checking out the Packing Anthology!  I enjoyed all of the stories and while I wish a few were longer, overall it was a great read and I highly recommend grabbing your copy today!

Rating: 5 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

The review for the Packing: An M/M Anthology is for Matthew Dante's contribution, A Campfire Confession.

I’ve have only read A Campfire Confession by Matthew Dante so far and really enjoyed the story.  It held my attention from the beginning. There’s a little comedy, heartbreak and great characters.

Cameron is a bit of a drama queen and isn’t really the outdoor type, but when almost forced to spend a long weekend with his dad and brother camping, he can’t face it alone and talks his roommate into going along.

Embry, Cam’s roommate, is a jock type guy but with a big heart. He looks after Cam constantly. He goes along with this family trip just to help Cam out. I think the author did a great job of putting a complete story with thorough character development and strong flow and I really didn’t want to set it down. I’m hoping that Gavin’s story is coming.

Rating: 5 Stars

Packing: An M/M Anthology is NOT on Amazon, but is available to buy wide. For the purposes of this review, a Kobo link has been used.  If you read on Kindle, you can purchase from Smashwords and send it to your kindle!